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Trainee Name : Ms L. L. Lau
Business Field : Accounting
Interviewee No. : 321
Practical Grammar courses here are outstanding. PRIME tutors are the most dedicated teachers that I have ever seen.
Trainee Name : Ms Rebecca Wong
Business Field : Education
Interviewee No. : 322
I would highly recommend PRIME because the listening skills I learnt here are practical.
Trainee Name : Ms Bika Suen
Business Field : Garment
Interviewee No. : 323
At first, I think learning IPA is not that useful. When I am attending the "Listening and Speaking Skills (Level One)" course, I realise that IPA is an indispensable element to enhance the listening ability. I am so grateful to PRIME tutors' conscientious teaching.
Trainee Name : Ms Pauline Lai
Business Field : Customer Service
Interviewee No. : 324
I would like to give a round of applause for all PRIME tutors' efforts and their enthusiasm. They always recap the main points in every lesson.
Trainee Name : Ms Lauriane Fu
Business Field : Aviation
Interviewee No. : 325
I hope PRIME can roll out more short-term courses, such as some English courses that are related to Catering, Food and Culture, etc.
Trainee Name : Ms Mandy Yuen
Business Field : Electronics
Interviewee No. : 326
Before studying in PRIME, I have joined other English insitutions' courses. However, at that time, I always lacked motivation to attend the lessons, though the school time was flexible. I much prefer PRIME's stable time schedule because it helps me to maintain a good learning attitude.
Trainee Name : Mr Oasis Ip
Business Field : I.T.
Interviewee No. : 327
PRIME tutors teach every IPA symbol precisely. Every student has the chance to practise with the tutor individually and our pronunciation problems can be immediately redressed.
Trainee Name : Mr Edmond Mak
Business Field : Engineering
Interviewee No. : 328
Learning in PRIME is so relaxing. I will definitely recommend PRIME to all of my friends!
Trainee Name : Mr Sky Ng
Business Field : Sales
Interviewee No. : 329
All PRIME tutors teach passionately and professionally.
Trainee Name : Mr Donald Mok
Business Field : Student
Interviewee No. : 330
After taking the "Practical English Grammar (Level One)" course, I am not afraid of Grammar anymore.


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