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Trainee Name : Mr Ivan Man
Business Fields : Architecture
PRIME not only has outstanding tutors, but also has a team of professional and courteous office staff, offering well-rounded and caring services to every learner. All members of PRIME's staff are so heedful, circumspect and, most importantly, helpful that they would remind every learner the schedule of next course, so that we won't miss any golden opportunity of learning English!
Trainee Name : Ms Yvonne Kwong
Business Fields : Merchandising
It's really fun to attend classes at PRIME. Time passed swiftly during my studies.
Trainee Name : Mr Simon Kai
Business Fields : Property
Having a good sense of humour, PRIME's tutors can apply a practical and vivid teaching method to make lessons easy and interesting.
Trainee Name : Ms Jesty Chu
Business Fields : Shipping
Although I had studied overseas, I failed to acquire accurate English pronunciation. However, I was delighted that I was able to overcome my shortcomings in pronunciation after attending the "IPA" course at PRIME. Also, after having the sophisticated training at the "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have improved my English a great deal and can understand my American boss' utterances mostly. This is so wonderful and I have got a great sense of success!
Trainee Name : Mr Samson Shum
Business Fields : Accounting
I successfully enrolled in PRIME's "Free Demonstration Lesson" after learning it from the newspaper. The tutor was able to pinpoint the problems of most students in learning English, such as paying too much attention to grammar drills without knowing the correct usage of English. More significantly, I was inspired to learn English in a correct and effective way, which, in turn, saved me a lot of time and money.
Trainee Name : Ms Vivian Chow
Business Fields :Compliance,Finance
PRIME's edifying lectures, such as the seven major Listening Skills, are so pragmatic that I can really practise them at work. Thanks to PRIME, I can communicate with foreigners with ease now!
Trainee Name : Ms Tracy Chan
Business Fields : Architecture
PRIME's IPA courses rekindle my interest in learning English and let me realize that mastering IPA can help improve English pronunciation and Listening remarkably. I have benefited a great deal at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Ms Amy Cheung
Business Fields : Printing
At PRIME, I have learnt how to enhance my Listening and Oral skills properly without hassle. This gives me a sense of satisfaction.
Trainee Name : Mr William Chan
Business Fields : Engineer
Learning English seemed to be tedious to me. Still, I have changed my mentality after attending PRIME's vivid, interesting and practical lessons. Besides, I am impressed by the positive and friendly attitude of PRIME's staff. Now, I have got a strong sense of belonging at PRIME!
Trainee Name : Mr Joseph Chu
Business Fields : Administration
Thanks to PRIME's IPA course, I have learnt a right way of English Pronunciation. Also, I realize that it is very easy to have incorrect pronunciation by simply looking at the spelling of a word because pronunciation and spelling are not closely related.


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