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Trainee Name : Ms Reginia Chan
Business Fields : Telecom
PRIME helped me apply for the Government's "Continuing Education Fund"(CEF). As a result, I was able to effectively enhance my English proficiency in the course of one year. Now I can use what I have learnt at work and keep abreast of the times. I profoundly thank PRIME for their teaching and the Government for the CEF Scheme, which considerably benefits working adults.

Trainee Name : Mr O.M. Chan
Business Fields :
Group Financial
I never attended any systematic training in English Listening and Speaking before. However, thanks to PRIME, I have learnt various English Listening and Speaking Skills which are so useful to me in dealing with my work in relation to accounting, law and financial management. Besides, when I go to the movies now, I am able to get most of the message, which lets me realize that I have made tremendous progress in English Listening.

Trainee Name : Ms Pinky Leung
Business Fields : Trading
PRIME's tutors are very professional and fully committed to teaching. Also, I do appreciate their teaching methods and the learning environment, which are riddled with sense of humour and harmonic atmosphere.

Trainee Name : Ms Cynthia Shum
Business Fields :
Building & Construction
I am indebted to PRIME tutors' punctilious teaching, for I have made obvious progress in English. Also, I would like to commend PRIME's staff for their genuine patience and courtesy. They are willing to answer every question of the students in detail and proactively remind us the course schedule. This proves that PRIME's staff are fully dedicated to serving every student with heart and soul.
Trainee Name : Ms Amy Poon
Business Fields : Model
Because of work or illness, I was not able to attend lessons occasionally. Nonetheless, thanks to PRIME's staff, I could have make-up lessons in due course. Also, they would remind me the schedule of the make-up class. This kind of well-rounded and thoughtful service is highly commendable.
Trainee Name : Mr K.K. Lee
Business Fields : Interior Design
I came across PRIME by attending its Free Demonstration Lesson, which precisely pointed out the common difficulties and shortcomings of Hong Kong people in learning English. It rekindled my interest in learning English. After attending a few lessons, I realize that the English skills I have learnt are very comprehensive and pragmatic, which are particularly advantageous to me.

Trainee Name : Mr Raymond Chui
Business Fields : Management
I have corrected lots of common errors and learnt the Standard English at PRIME. Its courses are very pragmatic and effective, and help me enhance my competence of communication at work.
Trainee Name : Ms Sandy Lau
Business Fields : Telecom
PRIME's meticulously designed teaching materials are praiseworthy. With regular revision, PRIME's teaching materials are really pragmatic because they are carefully written to cater for the needs of people at work.
Trainee Name : Ms Yan Yan
Business Fields : Insurance
Learning the impressive PRIME METHOD™ is my utmost gain at PRIME. This effective learning method not only improves my English proficiency, but also makes me realize the importance of spontaneity.

Trainee Name : Ms Stella Young
Business Fields : Trading
I never used to browse English books at the bookstores. However, I tend to read English books and magazines now, and analyze the sentence structure of the context sometimes. Candidly, this kind of change has surprised me a great deal. PRIME has really changed my attitude to learning English. I have been inspired to study English harder with enthusiasm and interest at PRIME.


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