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Trainee Name : Ms Mingo Chang
Business Fields : Banking
I do enjoy every second of the "Practical English Grammar" course at PRIME because the dedicated tutors will do their best to draw our full attention in class. With keen participation in the studies, time elapses unconsciously. I really enjoy this course as it gives an incredibly relaxing and pleasant learning experience.
Trainee Name : Ms Vita Lee
Business Fields : Labour Officer
The government's financial assistance Continuing Education Fund (CEF) is really great. The HK$10,000 reimbursement does lessen my burden a great deal. Also, all PRIME's courses are specially designed to cater for the needs of working adults in Hong Kong. They are so pragmatic indeed. At PRIME, I have learnt that many common English errors made by Hong Kong people are quite absurd!
Trainee Name : Ms Yvonne Wong
Business Fields : Law Firm
Hong Kong is a highly competitive city; therefore, having a command of English is definitely beneficial to my career. Otherwise, it is easy to lag behind the times. Thanks to PRIME, I am able to enhance my proficiency of English at a professional and pleasant learning environment.
Trainee Name : Mr Wylie Wong
Business Fields : Civil Servant
After completing the "IPA" courses at PRIME, I have improved my English pronunciation a great deal. More significantly, I can teach my children correct pronunciation! Also, thanks to the Continuing Education Fund (CEF), the government's financial assistance, I am able to study with ease both financially and mentally.
Trainee Name : Ms Florence Chow
Business Fields : Translation
My English accent was not really good although I had lived in Canada for 10 years. After returning to Hong Kong, I attended PRIME's "Free Demonstration Lesson", which was recommended by a friend of mine. Frankly, I was so impressed after hearing the tutor's conception of teaching. She pinpointed the reasons of mispronunciation and gave the solution to it, making me realize that I should learn "IPA" to improve my pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Ms Wendy Lee
Business Fields : Accounting
I came across PRIME's "Free Demonstration Lesson" in the newspaper, and thought that it was no big deal to attend it. I was so surprised that I learnt a lot there – much more than I had expected! The tutor professionally pointed out all of my shortcomings in learning English and inspired me the "effective way" of learning English. Now, I realize that I can get rid of the crammed education, which bears no fruits but is only a waste of time and money.
Trainee Name : Ms Carmen Choi
Business Fields : Accounting
PRIME has changed my mentality that English Grammar is humdrum and tedious. I have never thought that it is really great fun to learn English Grammar!
Trainee Name : Mr Milton Ho
Business Fields : Fire Department
PRIME's tutors are very professional and fully committed to English teaching, which is uncommon these days. More remarkably, they do care about the students!
Trainee Name : Ms Angela Cheung
Business Fields : Social Service
I thought it was boring, dull and tough to learn English Grammar, but my studies at PRIME are entirely different! All PRIME's tutors can deliver the lessons with a high degree of intelligibility and a good sense of humour. With vivid explanations and examples, it is very easy to absorb the essence of English Grammar with fun. It's incredible!
Trainee Name : Ms Ivy Yeung
Business Fields : Buyer
I was most grateful to my pal for introducing PRIME to me. At PRIME, I have made obvious progress in learning English. Also, all members of PRIME's staff are sincere, friendly, and amicable. I like this kind of harmonic atmosphere very much, which gives me a strong sense of amiability. I know I have made a right decision to study at PRIME.


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