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Trainee Name : Ms Bonnie Chau
Business Fields : Accounting
I have learnt a lot of British and American "colloquialism and slang" in "Listening and Speaking Skills (II)" and have enriched my knowledge of idiomatic vocabulary and expressions. Now, when I go to the movies, I can listen and understand more. More importantly, I am so impressed that I have improved my English proficiency a great deal, especially in speaking with foreign clients. PRIME's courses are really pragmatic and interesting.
Trainee Name : Ms Connie Lam
Business Fields : Manufacturing
PRIME's training method of English Listening is very effective and unique. At the outset, I was somewhat unwilling to practise "Listening Skills" at home, because I had to spend most of my time at work. Also, I was not spontaneous enough to do it and thought the "training skills" might be tedious. However, when I started to follow the instructions and practise "Listening Skills" seriously and meticulously, I realized that the teaching materials are very interesting and systematic. It is true that practice makes perfect, and this is a genuine motivation to me!
Trainee Name : Ms Rita Lam
Business Fields : Civil Servant
It was easy for me to forget the "IPA" that I had learnt. However, I am so impressed that PRIME has not only helped me recall it, but also offered me lots of opportunities, such as audio CD and on-line tests and drills, to practise it so that I can master IPA easily. Now I can even practise IPA at home and have a grasp of English Pronunciation. No longer do I need to memorize the pronunciation without understanding – it's so effective!

Trainee Name : Ms Carman Cheuk
Business Fields : Sales
I do appreciate the professional design and effective organization of PRIME's "IPA", "Listening and Speaking Skills" and "Practical English Grammar" courses, which have helped me considerably in learning. With obvious improvement in English, I am able to communicate with foreign customers with ease now. As a result, I have great self-confidence and high efficiency at work.
Trainee Name : Mr Borg Ho
Business Fields : Printing
The atmosphere of PRIME's classes is terrific! In fact, PRIME's lectures are so vivid and pragmatic that I have learnt a lot of useful Listening and Speaking Skills from watching DVDs like "My Fair Lady" and "Nutty Professor". Also, I am glad to learn standard and idiomatic English through listening to English songs and watching TV. It's so impressive that I am able to enhance my English proficiency with fun, which is a really suitable way for me – a typical working adult who is afraid of boring and dry learning method.
Trainee Name : Mr Dannis Lai
Business Fields : Customer Service
I got to know PRIME by chance from a conversation with a friend of my wife's. Nonetheless, I have been convinced by its PRIME METHOD™ after going over the contents of its website. Thanks to this friend's recommendation, I feel great that I can finally study at a good English learning institute that suits all my requirements.
Trainee Name : Ms Wendy Kwan
Business Fields : Accounting
PRIME's two-hour "Free Demonstration Lesson" was so impressive that the tutor was able to pinpoint my shortcomings in English Pronunciation and Listening at once and instruct me how to get rid of my weaknesses through PRIME METHOD™. I am convinced that this is a very comprehensive training method that can help me improve my English proficiency in all aspects.
Trainee Name : Ms Veronica Lai
Business Fields : Accounting
It is very tiring and tough for me to spare time to study English after working hours. However, the enthusiastic and sincere attitude of PRIME's staff has given me a great sense of warmth and comfort. More significantly, PRIME's tutors are very professional and keen in teaching so that every class is filled with pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. It's really great to study at PRIME!
Trainee Name : Ms Stella Ho
Business Fields : Accounting
I attended some English courses at other educational institutes and I was so disappointed that they focused too much on memorizing English Grammar and the so-called "Formal English". The result was discouraging because I found it hard to learn. However, PRIME's unique PRIME METHOD™ has effectively helped me master the essential skills in a very vivid way, and I am glad to see that my English has been enhanced a great deal.
Trainee Name : Ms May Yan
Business Fields : Accounting
I appreciate PRIME tutors' serious requirements towards their students very much, because this means that they care about the students and are anxious to reassure every student that he or she is making steady progress without hassle. I am indebted to their serious and conscientious teaching attitude, which makes me stop slacking and get on with my studies.


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