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Trainee Name : Ms Connie Wong
Business Fields : Trading
I learnt about "IPA" a few years ago, but I felt bored easily because most teachers could not teach vividly, and most courses lacked an effective way of learning and memorizing. As a result, I forgot what had been taught quickly. Nonetheless, PRIME's tutors have rekindled my interest and brought back my confidence in learning "IPA". PRIME's relaxing and lively learning environment has urged me to attend every class, and I have become very proactive in all the classes that have been riddled with joyous laughter most of the time. Now, I fully understand what "interest and fun" mean.
Trainee Name : Ms Claudia Cheong
Business Fields : Secretary
It is not my first time to learn "IPA" and "Listening and Speaking Skills". However, I tended to lose my interest in learning very soon because of feeling bored with the courses; therefore, I dropped out easily, and it was really wasting time and money! However, PRIME's interactive learning atmosphere is so impressive to me that all classes are filled with fun and enthusiasm for knowledge. Some students will even practise what they have learnt together after class. This has motivated me to learn! It was hard to find someone else to practise English after class, but I have got companions now to do so. My proficiency in English conversation and listening has obviously been improved, and I don't feel it's hard to watch "Pearl" or listen to "BBC News" anymore.
Trainee Name : Ms Eva Keung
Business Fields : Shipping
I have learnt how to correctly pronounce every English word after taking PRIME's "IPA" course. Now, I am confident in speaking English and not afraid of speaking with foreigners. As a result, I don't feel very nervous at work, and my working efficiency has been enhanced a lot. PRIME's "IPA" course is really pragmatic and effective.
Trainee Name : Mr Bonnie Chan
Business Fields : IT
I have not only learnt "IPA" but also versatile methods of learning at PRIME. I believe I have found the best educational institute for me! Also, with the support from the Continuing Education Fund (CEF), the whole amount of tuition fee can be significantly reduced. PRIME courses are definitely effective in inspiring "working population" to enhance English proficiency.
Trainee Name : Mr Timothy Tang
Business Fields : Wholesaling
I work in the wholesaling business of snacks. Hence, it is essential to speak fluent English when I do business with European, American, and Southeast Asian countries. In order to raise working efficiency, I have resolved to have better English pronunciation. Therefore, I finally selected PRIME after comparing a lot of educational institutes. Thanks to PRIME's tailor-made "IPA" course and its tutors' vivid teaching, my English pronunciation has been improved a great deal, and my listening proficiency has thus been enhanced too! I am greatly indebted to PRIME and its hard work in teaching.
Trainee Name : Ms May Chan
Business Fields : Accounting
I did not pay attention to English pronunciation and spoke English casually. Therefore, I did not catch the meaning of foreigners and was not able to express my thoughts to them in English most of the time. After sober consideration, I deemed that I had better improve my pronunciation; otherwise, my performance at work would be affected. Therefore, I made up my mind to correct my English pronunciation, and PRIME has helped me achieve it. All PRIME's tutors are enthusiastic and professional in teaching, and its courses are designed with strong cohesion too. I am delighted that I haven't wasted my time at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Ms Shan Shek
Business Fields : Education
I learned "IPA" at a number of educational institutes; however, I never succeeded in mastering it. I felt "IPA" very hard to learn and most of the teaching materials empty. Consequently, I tended to forget what I had learned in a few days, which was very frustrating. Yet I am delighted that PRIME's tutors can pinpoint our "shortcomings" precisely. More importantly, they never ask students to memorize teaching stuff without understanding. Nor do they ask students to learn how to pronounce English through imagination. Indeed, they meticulously point out the "articulators" in the production of speech sounds, such as the correct movements of the tongue, as well as the different shapes of the mouth and the lips, etc. All of these can definitely help me pronounce a word correctly.
Trainee Name : Mr Charles Wong
Business Fields : Food & Beverage
It's very impressive to learn that PRIME's tutors are very professional and eager for successful teaching. In the past, I could only make progress in learning with teacher's instructions during the study, but I tended to forget what I had learned after the completion of the course. Nevertheless, PRIME's tutors, with the effective use of "visual aids" as well as pragmatic and vivid examples, can help student understand the teaching thoroughly and memorize all the key points well. Therefore, I can make continuous progress and practise what I have learnt in everyday life.
Trainee Name : Mr Thomas Lam
Business Fields : Auditor
I attempted to learn "IPA" from native speakers, but because I had difficulty to communicate with them and was unaccustomed to their teaching as well, I found it hard to learn and easy to forget their lectures. However, PRIME's tutors do understand the difficulties and weaknesses of Hong Kong people in learning English. Therefore, they are able to give appropriate lectures with pragmatic illustrations to help us pinpoint our problems so that we can remember all the key points firmly. Although I have just studied at PRIME for several months, I have learnt much more than what I did in the past years.
Trainee Name : Ms Margaret Chan
Business Fields : Business
My English is not bad, and in business, many European and American clients have praised my fluent English. However, I know that these are merely courteous compliments. In fact, my pronunciation is not very accurate. Though my English grammar is quite good, my accent is not. Before studying at PRIME, I was somewhat lost and helpless as I failed to correct my articulatory mistakes here in Hong Kong. Now, PRIME's professional tutors have taught me the correct way of English pronunciation, and I am really glad that I can get rid of my shortcomings and pursue better pronunciation. This really gives me an unspeakable sense of satisfaction!


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