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Trainee Name : Ms Chris Lau
Business Fields : Secretary
I used to resemble my friends in the way they pronounce English and did not have the competence to tell right from wrong. After completing PRIME's "IPA" course, I have learnt the "correct way" to pronounce English precisely. Now I am delighted that I no longer need to guess the pronunciation of English words.
Trainee Name : Ms Liz Ng
Business Fields : Marketing
I tried to consult some teachers about the English words that sound "strange" to me; however, most of the time, they failed to explain to me in detail by simply saying that there were many exceptions in English. Is that really true? I have finally got the concrete answers after taking PRIME's "IPA" course. In fact, there are rules for English Pronunciation, and I don't need to memorize those so-called "exceptions" after mastering these phonetic rules.
Trainee Name : Ms Iggy Lam
Business Fields : Garment
It seems as if PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses are tailor-made for me. These courses cater for my needs because I need to communicate with British and American people very often at work; therefore, it is extremely important for me to understand the essence of English Pronunciation of "native speakers" so that I can enhance my proficiency in English listening. PRIME has helped me achieve this aim, which not only raises my working efficiency a great deal, but also lessens my pressure at work significantly.
Trainee Name : Ms Winnie Chan
Business Fields : Accounting
I finally realize why my accent is different from native speakers'. It's mainly because I ignored the sound changes of spoken English. Thanks to PRIME's training in "Listening and Speaking", I can speak English fluently and naturally nearly like native speakers!
Trainee Name : Ms Teresa Fung
Business Fields : Secretary
I have to speak to foreigners on the phone quite often at work. However, I was not able to hear what they said very clearly. After having the Listening training at PRIME, I have made obvious progress in Listening and can clearly get the meanings of my clients now. More importantly, I don't need to say "pardon" all the time anymore!
Trainee Name : Mr Calvin Lee
Business Fields : Telecom
Before enrolling in PRIME's courses, I thought it was expensive to complete the whole series of an English training programme. Indeed, PRIME's courses are qualified for Continuing Education Fund. With the government's HK$10,000 subsidies, it is very cost-effective to finish the six-module English Training Programme at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Ms Christina Tang
Business Fields : Education
Learning English has never been so pragmatic for me over the past two decades!
Trainee Name : Ms Jessica Wun
Business Fields : Sales
I had no knowledge of "IPA" and knew nothing about phonetics before. Now, I feel so great that I have learnt how to use "IPA" and can precisely pronounce every English word. Also, I have realized some pragmatic rules of English Pronunciation; for instance, I can tell the difference between "dad" and "dead" in pronunciation now. I don't need to ask for help anymore, and by looking up the IPA in the dictionary, I can correctly pronounce the new vocabulary.
Trainee Name : Mr Gary Wong
Business Fields : Marketing
I have not heard of PRIME until I first attended its free "English Demonstration Lesson" by chance. Since the tutor's presentation was engaging and she was able to pinpoint the common English errors of most Hong Kong people, I was motivated to enrol in its English training courses afterwards, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise in learning English, for both lectures and contents of courses were unexpectedly outstanding!
Trainee Name : Mr Tony Lam
Business Fields : Accounting
I'm content and happy as my mistakes in English Pronunciation are corrected!


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