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Trainee Name : Ms Joanna Wong
Business Fields : Logistics
I have to communicate with foreigners in English at work very often. Therefore, it is a MUST for me to write and speak fluent English, and PRIME has really helped me a great deal in this aspect. PRIME's tutors have thoroughly analyzed my strengths and weaknesses in English over only a couple of months. Most significantly, they have helped me get rid of the shortcomings that I used to have, such as the misunderstanding caused by my inaccurate pronunciation, as well as the listening obstacles that I was confronted with. Eventually, I have virtually enhanced my English proficiency.
Trainee Name : Mr David Lam
Business Fields : Trading
I used to speak English with a very strong "Cantonese accent" – the common "fault" of most Hong Kong people. Indeed, I was very upset that I found it very difficult to change my Cantonese accent. Albeit my job required me to travel to Britain and many other countries quite often and gave me many opportunities to speak English with native speakers, I failed to change my accent. However, PRIME's "IPA" and "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses have successfully helped me solve this problem so that I can correctly pronounce every English "vowel" and "consonant". Thanks to "IPA", my accent sounds like a native speaker now!
Trainee Name : Ms Rita Tseung
Business Fields : Accounting
PRIME's "IPA" courses have instilled a new English learning concept to me. We should not guess how to pronounce a word by simply looking at its spelling. In fact, there is an effective and complete English phonetic system, which inspires us the correct way of English pronunciation. Thanks to PRIME, I have mastered it. Also, PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses are really impressive and subtly designed, which have made me realize the delicate changes in spoken English. For example, in the term "last year", the letters "t" and "y" will be combined and pronounced in a different way. When I learnt about this at the outset, I found it amazing! Also, the pragmatic skills that I have learnt, such as "Assimilation" and "Reduced Forms", have helped me get used to native speakers' accents and their fast pronunciation.

Trainee Name : Ms Mandy Chang
Business Fields : Trading
I did not understand why there were so many ways to speak an English sentence. Also, since I had no knowledge of English pronunciation, I found the conversation of native speakers very hard to understand. When I went to the movies, I had to rely on the subtitles. After completing the training courses of "Listening and Speaking Skills (I)" and "Listening and Speaking Skills (II)" at PRIME, I have finally realized that "Intonation" in English conversation and listening is very crucial. Indeed, there are several ways to speak a simple English sentence like "What's your name?" I am not afraid of versatile English accents now. Also, the changes of "pitch" and "rhythm" in English discourse cannot weaken my English comprehension anymore. Conversely, I can have better interpretation through the understanding of such changes in pronunciation. Thanks to PRIME's teaching method, I have made significant progress with genuine satisfaction.
Trainee Name :Mr Peter Ho
Business Fields :Public Management
I was keen to learn "IPA" and made my best endeavour to select the best school for it. After careful comparisons, I finally chose PRIME, which not only led me to the "correct" way of pronunciation, but also successfully trained me to pronounce each word accurately. For instance, I did not know that the letter "p" is silent in "receipt" and the second syllable of "Fiona" should not be pronounced like "on". I have corrected these terrible mistakes through effective practices, such as "Strong Form & Weak Form" and "Elision", etc., at PRIME. I can definitely see my progress now!
Trainee Name : Ms Althee Au
Business Fields : Trading
I was so delighted and satisfied that I was able to have a good command of "Intonation" and realize the changes of pitch and rhythm of spoken English after completing PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills (II)". Indeed, it was a surprise with pleasure to me when I first approached "nuclear syllables" in the lectures of "Intonation", which let me understand their tremendous impact on actual conversation. Over a couple of months' training, I have improved my listening skills a great deal, and can speak English with better pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Ms Katrina Tam
Business Fields : Trading
I have realized the true meaning of "learning alive English" at PRIME. All the skills that I have learned are absolutely practical, and can really be practised at work and in everyday life. PRIME's "IPA" courses provided a good foundation for my pronunciation at the outset. Also, when I proceeded to "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I was able to learn plenty of skills, such as "Linking", "Assimilation" and "Strong Form & Weak Form", and master their applications. Now, my competence in English listening is enhanced, and I am able to listen more when watching English movies. More importantly, I have great confidence in speaking English at work with my clients.
Trainee Name : Ms May Szeto
Business Fields : Marketing
Though I had taken some "IPA" courses at other schools, my concept of "IPA" was very vague, and all my efforts were in vain eventually. Until I enrolled in PRIME's courses, I was able to improve my English pronunciation. PRIME's unique teaching method successfully helped me make gradual and steady progress in English. Also, I have learnt how to pronounce all "vowels" and "consonants" and use them to precisely pronounce an English word. With the mastery of various listening skills and the application of IPA to English listening, I am able to learn English with ease now.

Trainee Name : Mr Perry Lam
Business Fields : Accounting
I always deem that English sounds enchanting and feel very curious about and interested in the rhythm of English. However, I was once ambivalent to the wide variety of English Pronunciation, which adversely affected my comprehension a lot. After the completion of PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have realized that I can improve my English pronunciation and listening through sophisticated training. I have gone through the training in many useful skills, including "Linking", "Assimilation" and "Rising and Falling Tones" and have had a good command of English pronunciation. For example, it is interesting to learn that a simple sentence like "Do you like it?" has more than ten ways of expression. Also, PRIME's tutors are able to use versatile teaching methods, including "Visual Aids" and vivid instances, to help me remember well what I have leant so that I can practise them in daily life.
Trainee Name : Mr Frankie Leung
Business Fields : Manufacturing
After the completion of "IPA" and "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have confidence in telling you that I have make great progress in English conversation and listening. I really feel that I have strengthened my English communication. This perception comes stronger when I go to the cinema and talk to foreigners. I can speak English more fluently and understand conversational English much better now. I believe I will make spontaneous progress in English, for I have mastered a complete learning method at PRIME so that I can continuously enhance my English proficiency through self studies.


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