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Trainee Name : Ms Vicky Chan
Business Fields : Printing
I was shy and found it difficult to speak English. Eventually, I lost confidence in learning English. However, PRIME's course design is able to tackle this kind of weakness so that I have learnt a lot of effective skills to improve my proficiency of English, especially in listening and speaking. I was very impressed by the "Master Q" method, which not only successfully enhanced my oral skill, but also enriched my vocabulary.
Trainee Name : Mr Martin Wong
Business Fields : I.T.
I did not know that there were "English listening skills". I thought I should listen more to improve my intelligibility, but my efforts were in vain. Thanks to PRIME, I have greatly enhanced my communication skills. PRIME's "Seven Major Listening Skills" are so indispensable and effective, which help me a great deal in speaking with foreigners and considerably improve my working efficiency.
Trainee Name : Ms Natalie Lam
Business Fields : Sales & Marketing
PRIME's "Practical English Grammar" courses are very impressive to me! It was really a mess in learning grammar before. For example, I learnt "Tenses" in one session but "Prepositions" in another session. The result was that I eventually learnt nothing and did not know how to apply grammar in practice. However, PRIME's "Practical English Grammar" courses are very organized and pragmatic, which inspire me to pay close attention to English sentence structures. Having the thorough understanding of various sentence structures, I have made obvious progress in both writing and comprehension. I do believe that other institutes' grammar courses cannot have such achievement easily.
Trainee Name : Ms Connie Chan
Business Fields : I.T.
The course materials of "Listening and Speaking Skills" are very practical and interesting. Through movies, interviews with celebrities and songs, students are able to learn the most prevailing and popular "slang" and "colloquialisms". Also, PRIME tutors are very humorous and classes are always riddled with joy and fun, which are strikingly new and interesting to me. I am particularly impressed by "Listening and Speaking Skills – Level Three", which has tremendously enhanced my pronunciation, listening and speaking competence. I am deeply indebted to all PRIME tutors who have been working so hard and professionally to solve my problems. They have even sacrificed their leisure hours. That's really admirable!
Trainee Name : Mr Wayne Chau
Business Fields : Jewelry
I like the teaching attitude of PRIME's tutors, which highlights the virtues of prudence and rigour. Also, all tutors not only demand seriously of their performance, but also of their students' achievement. My past experience of English-learning was full of vain attempts. Nonetheless, I am very delighted that I have learnt a lot from PRIME. The innovative PRIME METHOD™ are so pragmatic that I can actually practise the"listening and speaking skills" at work and in everyday life. I have made great progress in English. Now when I need to communicate with foreigners in various jewellery showcases, I have competence and confidence in doing so.
Trainee Name : Ms Suki Lam
Business Fields : Social Welfare
I lacked confidence in speaking English and felt so ashamed of mispronouncing English words. PRIME's "IPA" has successfully corrected my fault of mispronunciation, and helped me improve my Hong Kong way of English pronunciation. In classes, PRIME tutors gave me so many examples of common mispronunciation of Hong Kong people, such as "bury", "depot", etc., which were so amazing and inspiring to me. Now, I have resolved to have a full command of "IPA", for it is a vital tool for better pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Ms Pemie Chan
Business Fields : Buying Office
The whole series of PRIME's courses are so practical. The abundant contents of all courses teem with interesting topics, covering of pronunciation, listening, speaking, and writing skills, etc. Also, although every tutor has his own style, all tutors have one thing in common – they are professional and zealous in teaching. Now, I have completed the entire series of training, and have significantly enhanced my English proficiency. Also, I can continue to practise all effective skills that I have learnt from PRIME to improve my English. More importantly, I can take full advantage of this at work.
Trainee Name : Ms Joan Yeung
Business Fields : Accounting
I appreciate PRIME's tutors very much. Their attitude, competence, enthusiasm, circumspection, and sense of humour are so remarkable to me, and I am particularly impressed by their professional teaching in "Listening and Speaking" courses. They always pinpoint the common mistakes of students, and help them improve their proficiency with a wide versatility of examples and elaborations. Now, when I watch Pearl, BBC or even foreign movies, I don't need to look at the subtitles anymore. I have got a great sense of achievement!
Trainee Name : Ms Stella Ma
Business Fields : Merchandising
I am very busy at work! However, I still spare time on studying as I am anxious to improve my English so that I can have better performance at work. Before taking PRIME's courses, I thought every institute was similar. Still, PRIME is really special and impressive, and I am particularly interested in its "direct and straightforward" learning approach, which is so effective and feasible that I can fully apply what I have learnt at work. I love English now, and have profound interest in enhancing my English proficiency. It's really worthwhile to study at PRIME!
Trainee Name : Mr Ricky Wong
Business Fields : I.T.
I was very weak in English listening, especially in watching news reports and seeing films. PRIME's "Listening and Speaking" courses are marvelous, which successfully help me enhance my listening competence through a wide range of teaching materials, such as "Notting Hill", "Shallow Hal", etc. Best of all, I have learnt a lot of "slang" and enriched my vocabulary. This is fun and particularly useful when speaking to foreign friends!


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