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Trainee Name : Ms Christine Chiu
Business Fields : Telecom
PRIME's courses help me possess the know-how of "pronunciation" and "listening", such as realizing the "rhythm and intonation" of English pronunciation, and learning the skills of "Strong Form & Weak Form" and "Assimilation", etc. As a result, I am able to speak fluent English in virtue of better pronunciation. Now, I can speak more native English, which is definitely beneficial to me when having conversations with my clients. Indeed, I have found out an innovative approach to learning English. I do deem that this learning method is really pragmatic and effective; therefore, I will recommend it to all friends of mine.
Trainee Name : Ms Anita Chan
Business Fields : Insurance
I believe it is very worthwhile to invest in learning "English". I have to enhance my English communication ability and skills so as to enlarge my customer base. In the past, I thought listening English by repetition was the right way to improve my English listening ability and comprehension; however, I was very disappointed that my efforts were in vain. After completing the training of PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills", I have widened my horizons that there are actually many effective skills of "Listening". Also, I profoundly appreciate PRIME's effective teaching materials, such as the interviews with Bill Clinton and Walt Disney, etc, which are very interesting and pragmatic indeed.
Trainee Name : Ms Veronica Ng
Business Fields : Manufacturing
Like the majority of Hong Kong people, I am busy at work and have very hectic schedule. However, I believe it is worthwhile to spend the precious time in enhancing the proficiency of English in order to have better prospects in my career. PRIME has never let me down! I am a pragmatic person and pay attention to the "effectiveness". PRIME's teaching materials are riddled with many practical illustrations. Take the conversation of "Estee Lauder" of "Listening Skills" as an example. Its context of "marketing strategy" sounds pretty interesting to me. Also, the whole course covers a wide variety of practical topics that are very edifying too. With PRIME tutors' elaborations and effective drills, I am glad to learn the spontaneous way of learning and improving English. My efforts are rewarded and I deeply believe that it is worthwhile to take courses at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Ms Bobo Chan
Business Fields : Design
PRIME's "IPA" courses have improved my English pronunciation a great deal. Now I can consult the dictionary to correctly pronounce lots of proper nouns that were difficult, such as names, places, and brands including"Hermes", "Louis Vuitton", "Des Vouex Road", etc. This not only gives me great pleasure, but also helps me avoid making embarrassment by failing to pronounce a word properly. As a result, I can have better pronunciation, and more significantly, I am able to correct the so-called "Cantonese Accent". That is really wonderful and useful to me!
Trainee Name : Ms Reiko Ngai
Business Fields : Design
I was keen to improve my English. Therefore, I compared many English learning institutes, but I was not able to choose the best one, because I had a fallacy that English learning methods were dogmatic, dull, and traditional. However, after knowing PRIME's "Methodology", I have deemed that it is very pragmatic and every "course module" can cater for my requirements. Indeed, PRIME's courses have not only revealed my shortcomings in "listening", "speaking", "reading", and "writing", but also offered the correct ways of learning English. I do appreciate the subtle design and the rich content of each course, which are very useful to me at work. Also, I am most grateful to PRIME's tutors for their tremendous eagerness and full devotion to teaching!
Trainee Name : Ms Kian Kwok
Business Fields : Jewelry
Though I haven't studied at PRIME for a long time, I am very happy to realize that the improvement of my English is better than expected. Owing to lacking the right method, I failed to make significant progress in learning English. Therefore, I highly extol PRIME's teaching method, which led me to learning "IPA" at the outset for having the fundamental of correct English pronunciation, so that I could proceed to "Listening and Speaking Skills" smoothly with the ability to appreciate the subtlety of each verbal sentence. Also, I find that "Elision" is very useful, which genuinely diminishes my obstacles of listening, and, to a large extent, enhances my confidence in English communication.
Trainee Name : Ms Jennifer Yu
Business Fields : Accounting
It was sort of a try at learning English initially, and I hoped I was able to have some improvement in listening and writing. Still, with PRIME's unique training and pragmatic method, I succeeded in mastering versatile skills of learning and making obvious progress in English communication with my clients, which was really an unexpected achievement. Certainly, I have to spend time on practice. Now, I watch TVB Pearl or go to the movies when I am free, and gladly find out that I am able to understand the discourse of a TV programme or a movie with ease. Hence, such "spending" is very worthy.
Trainee Name : Ms Grace Chan
Business Fields : Logistics
Albeit I am very busy, I still spare some leisure hours on learning English because I want to enhance myself, especially in raising my working efficiency with a higher proficiency of English. At PRIME, I have acquired some knowledge and effective skills that were all new to me. These feasible skills of pronunciation, listening, and conversation will definitely be beneficial to me. Now, I am able to pronounce a word correctly by looking up the dictionary, which greatly prevents me from speaking "Cantonese Accent" with incorrect or casual pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Ms Lucia Ip
Business Fields : Nurse
It was always my dream to learn "IPA", and PRIME has helped me make it come true. Now, I can take full advantage of "IPA" to considerably improve my English pronunciation. In fact, learning "IPA" is definitely a MUST for Hong Kong people. It was really a pity that I did not have a chance to learn this essential threshold of English at primary, secondary, or even tertiary schools. The apparent downside was that I was afraid of being a laughing stock by pronouncing a word incorrectly. I believe many Hong Kong people have the same feeling of mine. After studying at PRIME for only two and a half months, I would like to give praise to PRIME's tutors for their genuine professionalism and commitment to teaching so that I can master "IPA" without hassle. Now, I don't need to guess how to pronounce a word anymore. Conversely, I have confidence in pronouncing it precisely.
Trainee Name : Ms Shirley Ng
Business Fields : Nurse
I highly value the quality of PRIME's tutors in terms of professionalism, patience, and thoughtfulness. They know our needs and make every endeavour to help us learn with ease. More remarkably, their enthusiasm and keenness in English have kindled much interest of every student in learning. Indeed, I enjoy the interactive atmosphere in classroom very much. In "IPA" classes, the tutors always pinpoint our mistakes and weaknesses in pronunciation, such as the obvious mispronunciation of some simple words like "receipt", "concerto" or "chef". I like this direct approach, which positively motivates my studiousness.


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