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Trainee Name : Mr Alex Cheng
Business Fields : Banking
PRIME's teaching method is not conventional. Indeed, with PRIME's meticulousness in lesson design and course organization, as well as its tutors' full commitment to teaching, all my lectures were delivered in a simple, direct and practical way that helped me improve my business communication, writing and negotiation skills a great deal in only a couple of months.
Trainee Name : Ms Erika Chan
Business Fields : Secretary
I like "flexible teaching method", and PRIME's English courses have really made it come true. Also, PRIME's teaching materials are designed with plenty of pragmatic and effective examples that are closely related to everyday life. Therefore, I am able to practice English in my life and at work, which brings me great fun in learning English and profound understanding of the high praise from my instructors towards English – "English is a very elegant language!"
Trainee Name : Mr Spencer Yeung
Business Fields : Trading
I believe tutors are the essence of teaching, and PRIME's tutors let me realize what "real professionalism" is like. Every time I encountered troubles in English, such as having difficulties in sentence structures, PRIME's tutors would give me elaboration with "vivid and pragmatic" examples to help me understand and master different writing skills thoroughly. Now, my confidence in English writing is increasing, and I profoundly thank all PRIME's tutors with my sincere appreciation for their enthusiasm and professionalism.
Trainee Name : Mr Edwin Wong
Business Fields : Accounting & Management
PRIME's teaching method is neither tedious nor dogmatic. The course content is particularly tailor-made for the needs of people at work. After the completion of the "International Phonetic Alphabet" and "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have learnt some precious skills, such as "Linking" and "Elision". I believe they are effective and long-lasting learning methods, and will continue to practice them so as to upgrade my English proficiency.
Trainee Name : Ms Fanny Au
Business Fields : Trading
The tutors of PRIME are very professional and meticulous in teaching. Also, their vivid and pragmatic teaching methods are totally different from the traditional ones. PRIME tutors' full devotion to English teaching has impressed me significantly, particularly in "Practical English Grammar" courses. Now, I am able to master the "Four English Sentence Structures" and have remarkably enhanced my analytical ability. I have considerably improved my writing skills and gained confidence in writing, which obviously enhance my working efficiency.
Trainee Name : Mr Kenneth Wong
Business Fields : Building & Construction
I think PRIME's "International Phonetic Alphabet" is very pragmatic and useful to me, which significantly helps me solve my problems and thoroughly corrects my pronunciation errors. Now, I will consult the dictionary for the correct pronunciation of a word that I can't pronounce it, so I don't' need to ask for help anymore. Also, having the good training in "Listening and Speaking Skills", I have a good command of English listening skills now, and can get most of the message of the TV news, which is definitely a great improvement to me, for I could hardly get it in the past.
Trainee Name : Ms Grace Leung
Business Fields : Logistics
I deemed it was impossible to pronounce every English word accurately in the past. However, after completing PRIME's "International Phonetic Alphabet", my viewpoint has been changed completely due to the significant improvement in my pronunciation that leads me to correcting many mispronounced words. Now, by consulting the dictionary, I am able to pronounce an English word correctly without hassle, and I am no longer skeptical of my pronunciation. Such kind of satisfaction is indescribably terrific!
Trainee Name : Mr Eric Woo
Business Fields : Manufacturing
I am in a very pragmatic business, and thus, I pay close attention to the feasibility of the content of the courses. PRIME's courses do meet my requirements. Thanks to "International Phonetic Alphabet" and "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have pinpointed my shortcomings and found the right way of learning English. Now, I have got rid of my weaknesses directly without wasting time in looking for a right method of learning. The professionalism, scrupulous teaching attitude, and humorous expressions of PRIME's tutors have impressed me tremendously, because it is extremely difficult to possess all these virtues of teaching together.
Trainee Name : Ms Wing Tong
Business Fields : Logistics
Learning English was extremely boring and tough to me in the past. Though I spent a lot of time and money in it, my English level was never enhanced. It's very discouraging to me as if I could never improve my English. However, PRIME's well-rounded teaching method has helped me find an "effective" and "pragmatic" way of learning and practising English. Learning English is no longer tedious, and conversely, it is great fun. I do enjoy the pleasure of learning now!
Trainee Name : Mr Vincent Ko
Business Fields : Accounting
I thought "English Grammar" was something really harsh and unintelligible. However, after taking PRIME's courses, I have changed such perspective. PRIME's tutors have taught me how to master the essence of English grammar and writing skills with ease. With the use of numerous examples as well as the analyses and corrections of the fallacies of "Chinglish", I have broadened my horizons by realizing the grammatical errors that I unknowingly made in the past.


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