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Trainee Name : Mr Kenneth Chan
Business Fields : Trading
It's difficult to find a language learning centre like PRIME. Its complete and well-rounded teaching plan, breakthrough training approach, charismatic tutors, and convincing lectures give me full confidence. I profoundly believe that each PRIME's student has shared my feeling - a sense of enthusiasm for English learning and spontaneous self-development.
Trainee Name : Ms Sonia Lam
Business Fields : Telecom
PRIME's tutors are very professional and fully understand the needs of students. They completely realize the problems and barriers that confront Hong Kong people in learning foreign language, and they know how to overcome them! I particularly deem that the "Business Writing Skills" is a very pragmatic course, which tremendously enhances my writing skills in business correspondence.
Trainee Name : Mr Eric Leung
Business Fields : Graphic Design
I used to pay no attention to any English sentences or conversations that I did not understand in the past. However, PRIME's "English Listening Training" has utterly changed this bad habit of mine. Compared to the past, I do have more English listening drills, better understanding and greater confidence!
Trainee Name : Ms Cathy Lo
Business Fields : Merchandising
It's not easy to be a professional English learning centre. It should consist of clear teaching direction, pragmatic and effective contents, high-quality and enthusiastic tutors, as well as good follow-ups with students' progress, etc. My criteria are quite stringent, and PRIME has not let me down in any aspects.
Trainee Name : Ms Flora Cheung
Business Fields : Garments
I pay close attention to the "two-way" communication skill that I have learned in my studies. Also, I am impressed by the brilliant tutors at PRIME. Their professional, dedicated and proper teaching approach has unconsciously changed my old way of learning English, and strengthened my ability and confidence in English listening and speaking.
Trainee Name : Ms Bridget Fong
Business Fields : Shipping
PRIME's courses are so effective and focused. Also, it's remarkable that PRIME's students proactively participate in learning. In short, PRIME's courses are pragmatic and interesting. I highly appreciate the sense of humor and the excellent presentation skills that its tutors possess, which successfully encourage every student to partake in learning actively so as to enjoy the dynamism and fun of learning English.
Trainee Name : Mr Eric Chung
Business Fields : Insurance
I am very busy at work and may not be able to attend all lessons. I am indebted to PRIME’s staff who can arrange makeup classes for me quickly so that I will not miss any lesson and can complete my courses without hassle. This considerate and scrupulous service should win our praise!
Trainee Name : Ms Nora Ko
Business Fields : Customs Department, Hong Kong Government
PRME's "IPA" course has given me some unexpected benefits, viz: the right and direct way of learning; the approach to realizing the beautiful characteristics of English pronunciation; and the unspeakable fun and satisfaction in the course of learning. I sincerely recommend PRIME to everyone who is anxious to learning English with pleasure.
Trainee Name : Mr Frederick Lo
Business Fields : Publishing & Printing
PRIME, no matter in course design, learning method or teaching approach, has given me a "non-traditional" and novel teaching approach, which has successfully helped me overcome my fear of learning English and correct my fallacy that learning English is tedious. Certainly, the most essential thing is that I am able to use what I have learned directly and effectively at work.
Trainee Name : Ms Loretta Leung
Business Fields : Sales & Marketing
I always lost my nerves when I had to attend a business conference or to deliver a speech. Thanks to PRIME, I have not only had a good command of both English listening and oral skills, but have also rebuilt my confidence after attending PRIME's delicately designed courses. PRIME's innovative learning approach and its tutor's tactful teaching methods have encouraged me to outpace my ends bravely!


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