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Trainee Name : Ms Rowena Chiu
Business Field : Marketing
Interviewee No. : 311
Prime tutors' teaching are passionate and conscientious. They utilise every minute in the lesson.
Trainee Name : Mr Edmond Kwong
Business Field : Merchandising
Interviewee No. : 312
The listening skills that I learnt in lesson are coherent with the listening materials provided by Prime. Repetitive listening training definitely enhance my listening ability.
Trainee Name : Ms Windy Ng
Business Field : Textiles
Interviewee No. : 313
It would be perfect if Prime can launch some extra English Oral Advancement courses.
Trainee Name : Mr Francis Cheng
Business Field : Medical Industry
Interviewee No. : 314
The atmosphere of the lesson is enthusiastic. I always need to come early to get a better seat.
Trainee Name : Mr Vincent Tse
Business Field : Sales
Interviewee No. : 315
The learning atmoshpere in Prime is comfortable. You will never feel bored in Prime because tutors here are humurous.
Trainee Name : Mr Rex Tang
Business Field : I.T.
Interviewee No. : 316
I can easily get the main points of each lesson because Prime tutors always assign homework and listening practice for us every week.
Trainee Name : Mr Ricky Tse
Business Field : Garment
Interviewee No. : 317
I would definitely recommend PRIME for all working adults for self-enrichment!
Trainee Name : Ms Sharon Lam
Business Field : Insurance
Interviewee No. : 318
You can catch up the speed of the foreigners if you pay more attention to the weak forms in English.
Trainee Name : Ms Polly Chan
Business Field : Student
Interviewee No. : 319
Prime tutors are really teaching experts. I have never thought that I can learn Grammar in such a relaxed and comfortable way.
Trainee Name : Mr Alan Lau
Business Field : I.T.
Interviewee No. : 320
I can now distinguish different English accents after having IPA lessons in Prime.


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