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Trainee Name : Mr Jay Lee
Business Field : I.T.
Interviewee No. : 301
I always have a thought that Grammar is a boring topic in English. Surprisingly, The vivid teaching style in PRIME enables us to be more attentive in class.
Trainee Name : Ms H.Y. Po
Business Field : Retail
Interviewee No. : 302
I really appreciate that PRIME tutors are interactive, they create a good atmosphere for us to learn English.
Trainee Name : Ms Kathy Lai
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 303
After taking the IPA course in PRIME, I have paid more attention to my pronunciation when I am chatting with the foreigners. Training methods provided by Prime are really effective.
Trainee Name : Ms Christy Lai
Business Field : Merchandising
Interviewee No. : 304
Though the students' English ability are varied, PRIME tutors can take care of students with different needs.
Trainee Name : Mr Y.K. Lau
Business Field : Logistics
Interviewee No. : 305
I havn't learnt English phonetics before. I always keep memorizing and guessing the pronunciation of the English words. After taking the IPA course in PRIME, I can check out the pronunciation from the dictionary by myself. My confidence boosts at once.
Trainee Name : Ms May Lau
Business Field : Electronics
Interviewee No. : 306
PRIME tutors are the most patient and passionate tutors that I have ever seen.
Trainee Name : Ms Mandy Fu
Business Field : Marketing
Interviewee No. : 307
I always feel gracious whenever I get into Prime because all staff memebers are nice. They really do a great job in the customer service!
Trainee Name : Ms Anna Ko
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 308
I would highly recommend PRIME to my friends because the courses here are really systematic.
Trainee Name : Ms Anna Chu
Business Field : Retail
Interviewee No. : 309
I have learnt numerous idioms, slangs and colloquial expressions in Prime. I do not feel picnic when I am communicating with the foreigners now.
Trainee Name : Mr Kevin Li
Business Field : Engineering
Interviewee No. : 310
PRIME courses definitely cut out for working adults. I think that materials prepared by PRIME are pragmatic, class listening practices definitely enhance my listening proficiency.


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