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Trainee Name : Ms Virginia Chan
Business Field : Education
Interviewee No. : 291
Before taking lessons in Prime, I always have a thought that Grammar equals Tense. After attending lessons in Prime, I realise that learning English sentence structure is far more important than learning Tense. I would like to show my gratitude to Prime because they have redressed our attitude and perception towards learning English.
Trainee Name : Ms Cheryl Lee
Business Field : Shipping
Interviewee No. : 292
I have never learnt phonetics and I do not know the importance of English pronunciation. I'm delighted because my pronunciation accuracy has been enhanced after taking Prime's IPA courses. Now, it is no longer relying on online dictionaries.
Trainee Name : Ms Yuki Lee
Business Field : Property   Management
Interviewee No. : 293
All Prime tutors are competent and experienced. They are willing to answer all of our questions even after class.
Trainee Name : Mr Scott Li
Business Field : Trading
Interviewee No. : 294
Prime tutors will teach us some lively and vivid English expressions which are practical during the lessons.
Trainee Name : Ms Ada Li
Business Field : Merchandising
Interviewee No. : 295
Prime's customer service is brilliant. All counter staff are courteous.
Trainee Name : Ms Zoe Hon
Business Field : Retail
Interviewee No. : 296
After obtaining the skills of "weak forms" and "linkings" in Prime, I do try to listen to the movie dialogues without subtitles. I have found that my listening skills have been elevated.
Trainee Name : Mr Neil Wong
Business Field : Engineering
Interviewee No. : 297
I have learnt some phonetics before studying in Prime. However, my pronunciation is still inaccurate. I realise that my pronunciation problem has affected my work. So, I decided to study in Prime. Fortunately, Prime tutors are all passionate. Now, my pronunciation has been greatly improved.
Trainee Name : Mr Andy Lui
Business Field : Dance Industry
Interviewee No. : 298
Prime's teaching method is far more effective when compared with the traditional ones. I can learn with relish in Prime.
Trainee Name : Ms Joanna Li
Business Field : Design
Interviewee No. : 299
I do appreciate Prime's teaching approach, especially the Listening & Speaking courses. Now, I can master the way to learn English easily.
Trainee Name : Ms Iris Lam
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 300
You will never have a thought to skip lessons in Prime be virtue of Prime's relaxed teaching method. Prime tutors treat all students as their friends.


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