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Trainee Name : Ms J.K. Yip
Business Field : Beauty
Interviewee No. : 281
Before studying in Prime, I have noticed that Prime is a reputable English learning institution. I attended courses in other English institutions, but I realise that the teaching method adopted by Prime is the most effective way to learn English.
Trainee Name : Ms Jackie Leung
Business Field : Retail
Interviewee No. : 282
I always have a thought that to speak more and to listen more are the keys to success in English, but I do not know there are concrete skills that can help to improve my English. After taking courses in Prime, it is refreshing to learn English here.
Trainee Name : Ms Cecilia Lau
Business Field : Garment
Interviewee No. : 283
The courses provided by Prime definietly enhance my English abilties. Prime is a good option for working adults to strengthen their English proficiency.
Trainee Name : Mr Jason Au Yeung
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 284
I have benefited greatly from Prime tutors be virtue of their interactive teaching method and effective communication approach.
Trainee Name : Ms Hailey Chan
Business Field : Student
Interviewee No. : 285
Prime tutors will demonstrate some movie dialogues throughout the courses. You will never feel bored during classes.
Trainee Name : Ms Eunice Li
Business Field : Student
Interviewee No. : 286
My English pronunciation has been improved after attending the IPA courses in Prime. For example, the last syllable of the word "manage" should not be pronounced as "age".
Trainee Name : Ms Kim Lau
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 287
I have finished all courses in Prime. I think that the teaching approach in Prime is up to date and practical. I would like to show my gratitude to all Prime tutors be virtue of their passion and endeavour.
Trainee Name : Ms Blondy Fung
Business Field :Clerk
Interviewee No. : 288
Learning English grammar is not as difficult as I thought. It would be more effective to learn if more homework would have assigned.
Trainee Name : Mr Michael Wong
Business Field : Accounting
Interviewee No. : 289
I cannot understand the coversations in the listening materials. Luckily, Prime tutors will round our problems with patience.
Trainee Name : Ms Iris Yuen
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 290
Prime tutors will provide extra notes for us to consolidate what we have learnt in class every week.


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