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Trainee Name : Ms Akina Wong
Business Field : Marketing
Interviewee No. : 271
Prime tutors fully understand our common mistakes in grammar. It is refreshing to learn English grammar in Prime.
Trainee Name : Ms Qobe Yau
Business Field : Advertising
Interviewee No. : 272
I have learnt some important skills, such as weak forms and linkings in Prime. My listening skills have improved a lot!
Trainee Name : Mr Jacky Wu
Business Field : Manufacturing
Interviewee No. : 273
Hong Kong students have a passive learning attitude. Most of us are afraid to answer questions in class. I would like to show my gratitude to all tutors in Prime because they invite students to participate in class proactively through group games.
Trainee Name : Ms Lily Tse
Business Field : Banking
Interviewee No. : 274
I do not have great expectations towards learning English at first. Luckily, Prime tutors can lead us to participate in class activities effectively. It is relaxing and amusing to learn in Prime.
Trainee Name : Mr Michael Chan
Business Field : Retail
Interviewee No. : 275
Prime tutors always encourage students to speak in class. They will rectify our pronunciation problems at once.
Trainee Name : Mr Leung Ka Wing
Business Field : Media
Interviewee No. : 276
I have a strong thirst for knowledge when I am studying in Prime!
Trainee Name : Ms Dankee Kwok
Business Field : Education
Interviewee No. : 277
I remember when I was learning catering English, I only knew "fried egg" in English. I felt speechless when the others asked me the English of "boiled egg" and "scrambled egg". After taking lessons in Prime, I have learnt a variety of catering English which are useful.
Trainee Name : Mr Lam Kwok Tung
Business Field : Electronics
Interviewee No. : 278
Prime tutors will illustrate some easy-to-remember examples which are clear and concise in "Practical English Grammar" courses.
Trainee Name : Ms Lee Woon Ming
Business Field : Clerk
Interviewee No. : 279
Prime tutors are considerate. They will provide extra notes for us to study at home. Also, it would be perfect if the number of lessons of "Practical English Grammar Level 2" could be prolonged.
Trainee Name : Ms Michelle Lam
Business Field : Public Relations
Interviewee No. : 280
Students are shy in class. Prime tutors create a warm atmoshpere for students to learn without embarrassments.


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