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Trainee Name : Mr Stanley Sit
Business Field : Logistics
Compared to the conventional way of learning English, PRIME’s methodology is absolutely original and more effective!
Trainee Name : Ms Mabel Lau
Business Field : Design
PRIME tutors cater for individual differences by designing personalised course contents, stimulating us to learn English.
Trainee Name : Mr Terry Fung
Business Field : Property
As many of my colleagues are foreigners, I have to speak in English on a daily basis. Given PRIME’s effectual teaching method and caring tutors, I am increasingly confident in using English.
Trainee Name : Ms Natalie Ng
Business Field : Retailing
After taking the IPA course, I find it easier to pronounce English words and communicate with English-speaking clients. What’s more, PRIME’s tutors always know our learning needs, and can point out the common mistakes of Hong Kong people.
Trainee Name : Ms Kylie Chan
Business Field : Aviation
A wide diversity of course content plus a lively tutor have given me real impetus to learn English.
Trainee Name : Mr Wilson Tsoi
Business Field : Printing Industry
English phonetics is a rare topic in primary and secondary education. Learning IPA has not only improved my pronunciation but listening. I would definitely recommend PRIME for self-enrichment!
Trainee Name : Ms Gladys Ma
Business Field : Accounting
All the examples used in class are applicable to everyday scenarios. They are so useful!
Trainee Name : Mr Stanley Ho
Business Field : Merchandising
PRIME's tutors are meticuous. The course content is very practical as well.
Trainee Name : Ms Claire Chan
Business Field : Public Relations
The learning atmosphere is so relaxing!
Trainee Name : Ms Heather Yip
Business Field : Student
PRIME tutors teach with diverse materials ranging from music to TV programmes. I used to loathe English, but now I'm just eager to learn more!


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