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Trainee Name : Mr Gabriel To
Business Field : Accounting
After taking PRIME's courses, my English listening and speaking have greatly improved. Now I can talk to English speakers and watch foreign movies with ease and confidence.
Trainee Name : Ms Nicole Yu
Business Field : I.T.
PRIME's tutors illustrate language issues with easy-to-remember examples. By looking into the common errors made by Hong Kong people, I realise slight change in word choice could make a big difference in meaning. I'm impressed with how PRIME's tutors explain tricky issues simply.
Trainee Name : Ms Sally Cheng
Business Field : Social Service
PRIME's courses are so enjoyable that we all feel the strong motivation after class to do revision.
Trainee Name : Mr Keith Tsang
Business Field : Quasi-disciplinary   Forces
PRIME's tutors use foreign movies for listening training and explain theories with everyday examples. This is really practical and helpful.
Trainee Name : Mr Ray Poon
Business Field : Design
The courses have boosted my motivation to look up the dictionary and correct my pronunciation. I'm truly satisfied with PRIME in every way.
Trainee Name : Ms Ada Lam
Business Field : Tourism
After taking PRIME courses, I have more confidence in communicating with English-speaking customers. Sometimes I even challenge myself by turning off the Chinese subtitle while watching English programmes. Now I can hear 60 or even 80 per cent of what is said!
Trainee Name : Mr Leung
Business Field : Trading
PRIME's training courses are neatly designed . All the materials from textbooks to listening practice work with each other perfectly.
Trainee Name : Ms Tracy Tsang
Business Field : Beauty
PRIME's tutors are nice and caring. They can always make English learning fun.
Trainee Name : Ms Stephanie Wei
Business Field : Student
I used to write e-mails with limited vocabulary. PRIME's E-mail Writing Skills has provided me with many stock phrases for formal business communication. Now I can write with more impressive vocabulary.
Trainee Name : Ms Kelly Cheung
Business Field : Merchandising
PRIME's Grammar courses have given me a comprehensive concept of the English grammar. Complex theories are simply explained. Now I can apply what I have learnt in everyday situations.


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