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Trainee Name : Ms Leung Po Yee
Business Fields : Retail
I used to guess the pronunciation of a word by looking at its spelling or by listening to a dictionary machine. But now I can know the accurate pronunciation of a word by simply consulting a dictionary.
Trainee Name : Ms Pamela Lam
Business Fields : Human Resources
I deem that PRIME’s teaching method suits me well. As all the courses are very practical, I can use those skills in communication with foreign colleagues. I used to learn IPA at other institutes, but the lectures were quite boring. However, PRIME’s tutors really inspire me to learn with delightful atmosphere.
Trainee Name : Mr Jeffrey Tang
Business Fields : Sales
PRIME’s tutors don’t go strictly by the book, but give practical example, so the lectures are not tedious. This makes learning full of fun and pleasure.
Trainee Name : Mr Kirk Fong
Business Fields : Logistics
After attending the classes at PRIME, I have improved my English listening by at least 30 to 40 per cent!
Trainee Name : Ms Michelle Chung
Business Fields : Student
Now I can tell the difference between British and American pronunciations. As I did not pronounce in those ways, I found it difficult to understand what foreigners said. But now, I know the right way of pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Mr Wong Tat Hung
Business Fields : Law Firm
My English pronunciation has improved a great deal after attending PRIME’s IPA courses. Now, I am able to pronounce a wide vocabulary with ease.
Trainee Name : Mr Lo Kin Pong
Business Fields : Engineer
PRIME not only trains our listening competence, but also provides us small group discussions in English, enabling us to apply ourselves to English conversation. As a result, I have raised my confidence in English conversation and listening.
Trainee Name : Ms Cherry Cheng
Business Fields : Interior Designer
I used to have self-study by listening to radio, but my efforts usually turned out to be unsuccessful. I needed to spend a lot of time to think and interpret what foreign people said in company. But now, I can respond directly in talking to foreigners and do not need to spend much time in thinking how to speak in English.
Trainee Name : Ms Jojo Tang
Business Fields : Nursing Assistant
After studying at PRIME, I know I have the right way of learning English language, not simply by rote learning. I am making real progress now, thanks to tutors’ tremendous encouragement.
Trainee Name : Mr Alan Lau
Business Fields : Education
PRIME helps me find out my weaknesses in English, so my English listening has been significantly improved since.


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