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Trainee Name : Ms Sandy Choy
Business Fields : Manufacturing
I attempted to learn IPA, but failed. Still, after attending the IPA classes at PRIME and following the tutors’ instructions to practise, I can now pronounce a word by consulting the dictionary. Also, I have enhanced my understanding in Grammar, attributable to tutors’ clear explanations with plenty of supplementary information and examples. This really inspires me to learn English.
Trainee Name : Mr Andy Ho
Business Fields : Hotel
The examples used in class are all common mistakes of Hong Kong people. This increases my interest in learning.
Trainee Name : Ms Alice Choi
Business Fields : Student
The supposedly boring Grammar lessons are incredibly interesting. This is attributable to PRIME tutors’ simple, clear and concise examples.
Trainee Name : Ms Suki Cheung
Business Fields : Clerk
As an office worker, I often feel tired after a long day at work. But the class atmosphere at PRIME is really impressive. Tutors are patient and know how to teach with fun. This motivates me to learn English with perseverance.
Trainee Name : Mr Roy Kwok
Business Fields : Interior Design
The class atmosphere is so relaxing, without any sense of pressure.
Trainee Name : Mr Wilson Leung
Business Fields : Student
I can speak without the Hong Kong accent now. After having the training at PRIME, I can adopt the right approach to English pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Mr Cyril Cheng
Business Fields : Education
Examples given in class are very pragmatic. They are impressive and practical, pinpointing precisely the common errors of Hong Kong people. Class atmosphere is also very good that fits the requirements of the busy office workers.
Trainee Name : Mr Gordon Lau
Business Fields : Student
PRIME’s Grammar courses greatly improve my ability in writing. Now I can write longer English sentences with fewer mistakes.

Trainee Name : Ms Heman Pang
Business Fields : I.T.
PRIME has helped me improve my e-mail writing, English listening and oral skills. I had to read the Chinese subtitle when watching American films in the past. But now, I can understand the plot of an English-language film without relying on the Chinese subtitle.
Trainee Name : Ms Doris Lee
Business Fields : Human Resources
PRIME tutors not only explain how native English-speaking people speak, but also point out the common errors of classmates.


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