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Trainee Name : Ms Agnes Ng
Business Fields : Property
It's easier than expected to learn Grammar. My tutor is so enthusiastic that I am really impressed by her dedicated teaching. In class, she has a lot of interactive communications with students. After class, she also emails us supplementary materials, which are practical and useful indeed!
Trainee Name : Mr Kanki Lam
Business Fields : Insurance
I was interested in studying at PRIME after reading its introduction in the newspaper. Having a friend's recommendation, I decided to enrol in its courses. I find out that I have improved a lot in pronunciation after learning "IPA", which helps me understand how to correctly pronounce the syllables. I have also realized why many Hong Kong people cannot speak English like native speakers.
Trainee Name : Mr Albert Chik
Business Fields : Facility Management
PRIME tutors are dedicated to teaching, and their lectures are really vivid. The interactive teaching method gives students a lot of drills to practise the "skills" that have been learnt in speaking English!
Trainee Name : Mr Jesse Koon
Business Fields : Transportation
"Practical English Grammar (level two)" contains very comprehensive contents, so it's too short to have only two hours for a session.
Trainee Name : Ms Fion Tai
Business Fields : Air Hostess
I will not pronounce a word casually on the basis of spelling anymore, but will pay attention to its correct pronunciation. I also realize that only knowing "IPA" is not enough. Even though you know the pronunciation of every word in a sentence, you may
Trainee Name : Ms Carol Kong
Business Fields :Telecommunication
The atmosphere in class is so relaxing, while tutors' teachings are very practical!
Trainee Name : Ms Jacqueline Wong
Business Fields : Secretary
I find out that half of the "listening skills" are new to me! I did not know that there are "rules" when native English speakers talk, like "linking" and "elision", etc. So those skills are very useful.
Trainee Name : Mr Kenneth Choi
Business Fields : Electronics
Both course design and tutors are impressive. I am able to find out what I neglected in English learning. Also, PRIME's grammar courses help me a great deal. I'll definitely recommend PRIME to my friends.
Trainee Name : Ms Cecilia Wong
Business Fields : Student
PRIME gives me lots of drills to practise English. Each tutor teaches vividly, and the teachings are not confined to the textbook topics. In the end, it's great fun to learn English.
Trainee Name : Ms Sharrina Wong
Business Fields : Accounting
I have left school for quite a long time. After studying at PRIME, I have revised lots of topics that I overlooked. All my tutors are very good, who help me a lot in improving my English. In the past, I was reluctant to listen to English, but now, I can understand more when watching English programmes.


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