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Trainee Name : Ms Yolky Chong
Business Fields : Secretary
The contents of each lecture are very pragmatic, which really come in useful at work. In particular, I would like to praise PRIME's tutors. Each one of them is so dedicated and teaches well, so I am very satisfied.
Trainee Name : Ms Jass Li
Business Fields : Student
Hong Kong people are not familiar with IPA in general. After attending the IPA lectures, I have found it very useful and practical, because I can look up the correct pronunciation in the dictionary. Besides, PRIME's courses in listening skills are very pragmatic too. Now I can apply those skills in school, which help me understand the lessons conducted by the foreign teachers.
Trainee Name : Mr Raymond Lor
Business Fields : Police
Studying at PRIME is very helpful to me. As my superior is an foreigner, I can apply what I have learnt at work. PRIME tutors are well prepared and their teachings are very vivid. Now I find out that I can understand more when seeing the English films.
Trainee Name : Ms Fion Tse
Business Fields : Merchandizer
PRIME tutors know how to deliver a lecture in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Also, I pay much attention to the accuracy of pronunciation now.
Trainee Name : Mr Tony Ng
Business Fields : I.T. Consultant
PRIME tutors teach very well, who can explain the usage of English Grammar in detail step by step.
Trainee Name : Ms Carrie Chan
Business Fields : Account
I sometimes find out that I lack sufficient time to go over the previous lectures due to my hectic working schedule. However, the overall learning atmosphere is very good here. Besides, I am still able to apply what I have learnt in class to practice in e
Trainee Name : Ms Candy Chu
Business Fields : Sales
Seldom did I use English after I had left school. However, studying at PRIME gives me a fresh impetus to learning. I am busy at work and feel tired after working for the whole day, but PRIME tutors have great charisma that makes me enjoy the lectures.
Trainee Name : Mr Edmond Cheng
Business Fields : I.T. (Bank)
PRIME tutors are good and are able to help improve my English knowledge, such as "slang". PRIME's English courses are different from other traditional courses that mainly focus on English Grammar. Certainly, improvement in English, which takes time with persistence, also depends on individual competency.
Trainee Name : Mr Anthony Lo
Business Fields : Account
PRIME helps me improve my English a great deal, especially when I meet a foreign customer at work. After completing the IPA courses, I have found out my shortcomings in my Hong Kong-style pronunciation. I will continue to work hard to correct my mistakes.
Trainee Name : Mr Ho
Business Fields : Construction
As I have classes in PRIME every week, I enrich my English knowledge. Also, I find out that I can enhance my English proficiency when having a proper environment to practice English. I have chances to listen and speak English every week. Besides, tutors here can teach with fun. So I'll do my best.


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