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Trainee Name : Mr Stanley Ng
Business Fields : I.T. Manager
The teaching materials of PRIME Club and IPV are so informative, interesting and wide-ranging. If the length of these two courses can be extended to six or eight lessons, it will be more impressive.
Trainee Name : Mr Alan Lau
Business Fields : Banking
Tutors are vital, and I do appreciate PRIME’s tutors. Their “humorous” teaching approach successfully draws students’ full attention. No students want to “miss” any lessons indeed!
Trainee Name : Ms Miki Chung
Business Fields : Customer Service
Thanks PRIME, I have learned a lot, such as the structure of “Noun Clause”. Now I can interpret a sentence with ease, enabling me to read a book more quickly.
Trainee Name : Ms Alice Yau
Business Fields : Financial Planning
“IPA” is so useful, which helps me to correct my wrong pronunciation. Also, tutors’ vivid teaching makes each lesson easy to understand, arousing my interest in learning English.
Trainee Name : Ms Pinky Chan
Business Fields : Merchandizer
PRIME’s tutors are proficient in English language and really know how to teach persuasively. They are able to turn the tedious Grammar lessons to be full of fun – really amazing! It’s important for me to be taught the fundamentals of English Grammar step by step, instilling correct English into me thoroughly.
Trainee Name : Ms Katherine Li
Business Fields : Education
IPA is very useful, which helps me to pronounce a word correctly by simply looking up the dictionary. Indeed, the whole teaching method is excellent. Now I only fear that I cannot correct my wrong pronunciation as fast as possible! I enjoy each lesson very much. Also, tutors are so humorous in teaching, making time fly!
Trainee Name : Mr Anthony Chiu
Business Fields : Transportation
Tutors are not only knowledgeable, but also excellent in teaching. The whole course is really good. If it is possible to add more lessons to the “Listening and Speaking Skills Level Three”, the course will be more attractive.
Trainee Name : Mr Tim Ho
Business Fields : Sales
PRIME’s courses are so flexible and comprehensive. I speak more English now after taking its courses. Discussions in small groups are interesting, enabling students to share and get involved eagerly – fabulous!
Trainee Name : Mr Sirius Leung
Business Fields : Accounting
Tutors are outstanding in teaching with well preparation. Also, they will give a summary in the end of each lesson – really systematic!
Trainee Name : Ms Eficle Wong
Business Fields : Auditor
Like many Hong Kong people, I mispronounce a lot of words, and tend to make “obvious” mistakes in pronunciation. Therefore, IPA is very useful to me. After learning it, I don’t need to rely on “electronic dictionary” anymore now.


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