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Trainee Name : Ms Bowie Yeung
Business Fields : Insurance
I have made much progress in email writing. My writing is more fluent now, and I have gained confidence in writing. PRIME’s teaching method has great difference from the traditional “cramming method of teaching” in Hong Kong.
Trainee Name : Mr Marc Lau
Business Fields : CEO
To be frank, PRIME English is the most formal school among all the English teaching institutes in Hong Kong. Its courses are well-designed with high flexibility in learning. Also, PRIME’s tutors are all proficient in teaching and its “dynamic approach” is so impressive, providing a good environment like attending courses overseas. In fact, foreign tutors can hardly understand the difficulties that most Hong Kong students encounter. Only bilingual Hong Kong tutors can do.
Trainee Name : Ms Marine Leung
Business Fields : Nurse
PRIME’s courses are comprehensive, teaching students step by step to help them understand every lesson with ease.
Trainee Name : Mr Issac Poon
Business Fields : Musical Consultant
PRIME’s tutors have inspired me to learn better English. Moreover, IPA is so useful, which helps me to improve my pronunciation a great deal. I will definitely recommend PRIME English to all my friends!
Trainee Name : Ms Connie Lee
Business Fields : Logistics
The teaching materials of “Practical English Grammar” are very practical and useful, helping me a lot at work.
Trainee Name : Mr Samuel Ng
Business Fields : Merchandizer
Now, it’s such good fun for me to study the IPA symbols in a dictionary!
Trainee Name : Ms Polly Chu
Business Fields : Administration
I do enjoy the lessons of “Listening and Speaking Skills Level Three”. I like the atmosphere that actively involves students in learning.
Trainee Name : Ms Tammy Tsoi
Business Fields : Secretary
If PRIME’s tutors had been my English teachers when I was a kid, I would have had much better results in my studies.
Trainee Name : Mr Chuck Tong
Business Fields : Hotel
PRIME’s tutors are proficient in teaching. Learning is so enjoyable with ease and fun.
Trainee Name : Mr Paul Hui
Business Fields : Education
I am so grateful to PRIME English for its teaching. Since I have enhanced my proficiency in English, I can listen more to English radio and TV programmes and have raised my confidence. Studying in PRIME English is really useful!


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