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Trainee Name : Ms Coco Wong
Business Fields : Health Care
I knew a bit about IPA and could look up a word’s pronunciation in a dictionary. However, I believe I should attend a course to improve my listening and oral skills, as well as to enrich my knowledge in sentence structure. I am delighted that I have made great progress after completing “Listening and Speaking Skills Level Two”. Now I can understand more when watching a western movie without looking at the subtitles.
Trainee Name : Mr Louis Yeung
Business Fields : Engineering
PRIME’s tutors are excellent in teaching. They know how to make each lesson interesting and vivid – using various games to help students proactively speak English. This kindles my interest in English and inspires my spontaneity to listen to English at work or leisure.
Trainee Name : Mr Accord Ng
Business Fields : Sales
PRIME’s teaching is very useful for me at work because I don’t want to continue to make same mistakes!
Trainee Name : Mr Kevin Lo
Business Fields : Property Management
PRIME’s tutors have taught many “idioms” and “idiomatic expressions”. This not only enhances my interest in learning English, but also improves my reading comprehension and proficiency in watching English TV programmes.
Trainee Name : Ms Rose Heung
Business Fields : Education
Many PRIME’s topics, such as “Elision” and “Sentence Structures” are new and interesting to me. Therefore, I feel great to study at PRIME and have made remarkable progress in both “listening” and “speaking”.
Trainee Name : Ms Gladys Yau
Business Fields : Catering
PRIME’s tutors know how to make teaching interesting. This helps me to memorise the key points easily. As a result, I significantly improve my communication skills.
Trainee Name : Mr Angus Wong
Business Fields : Environmental Protection
PRIME’s tutors understand students’ problems well, so they can help me to make precise corrections. Some learning topics, like “Linking”, are so useful that I can listen more now when watching western movies.
Trainee Name : Ms Carol Chan
Business Fields : Sales
I needed to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a PC thinking how to write before enrolling in the “Practical English Grammar” courses. But I find it easier to write now and can use different sentence structures to enhance my writing skills. This helps me a great deal at work, especially in writing e-mails.
Trainee Name : Ms Mikie Au
Business Fields : Trading
I had never known that it was wrong to pronounce a word based on its spelling before attending PRIME’s “Free Demonstration Lesson”. The Lesson was really interesting, letting me know many Hong Kong people, even the TV commercials, have mispronounced a lot of simple words, such as “enjoy”. Now I know that English pronunciation is not closely related to spelling.
Trainee Name : Mr Chris Leung
Business Fields : Insurance
PRIME’s courses are well designed and its methodology and learning objectives are great. PRIME METHOD™ is the right way of learning English.


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