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Trainee Name : Ms Eileen Lui
Business Fields : Design
When I first attended the “Listening and Speaking Skills – Level One”, I found it so deep and difficult. But I realised later that the words uttered in the drills were quite simple. I failed to catch the meanings because I was not able to master the proper “listening skills”. Hence, I think PRIME’s teaching methods are so pragmatic and effective that I can really improve my listening proficiency in everyday communication.
Trainee Name : Ms Chloe Pau
Business Fields : Design
Thanks to PRIME tutors’ detailed explanations and idiomatic examples, I can memorise all the taught materials with ease. No more rote learning!
Trainee Name : Ms Christy Chan
Business Fields : Customer Service
A friend of mine told me that PRIME could help me effectively enhance my English proficiency. Thanks to PRIME, I have improved my English listening, which is so helpful when I am at work or watching a foreign movie. Additionally, PRIME’s tutors are conscientious and well experienced to make each lesson relaxing but informative. Also, PRIME’s unique teaching methods help me understand the lessons easily – more effective than listening to a CD.
Trainee Name : Ms Hilda Woo
Business Fields : Secretary
I have learned some pragmatic skills at PRIME, which I never learned before. This helps me to make obvious progress in learning English. For example, I did not know I needed to pay attention to the correct use of “tone”, but now, I am aware of it when speaking to foreign colleagues.
Trainee Name : Mr Morris Tam
Business Fields : Telecommunication
PRIME’s lessons are fun and so exciting! Each lesson attracts me greatly – motivating me to learn with enthusiasm!
Trainee Name : Mr Benny Cheung
Business Fields : Accounting
PRIME’s tutors are so experienced and knowledgeable. They can easily point out the mistakes of some commonly used terms and words. Taking “white house” as an example, many people cannot pronounce the “White House” (the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the USA) and a “white house” correctly. PRIME really helps me correct the common mistakes that many Hong Kong people have made from local schools.
Trainee Name : Ms Charlotte Leung
Business Fields : Nurse
I have improved my English pronunciation and listening a great deal. Having a tutor’s face-to-face explanation is much better than learning through a PC. Also, it’s so great that all students’ questions can be answered in detail in class.
Trainee Name : Ms Olivia Lam
Business Fields : Retail
PRIME’s tutors are remarkable in teaching. They have also prepared lots of drills for students to practise and offered some useful online resources, such as “Wikipedia” and “Cambridge Dictionaries Online”.
Trainee Name : Ms Joanne Lau
Business Fields : Secretary
My weakness is in English Listening. No matter how much time I spent in improving it, I was not able to make progress. So when I learned that PRIME is a specialist in teaching “English Listening”, I decided to enrol in the course, and have really made obvious improvement after taking the course. Now, I am more confident in speaking English.
Trainee Name : Ms Phoebe Shek
Business Fields : Personal Assistant
The lessons are never boring, helping me to concentrate myself in class without any stress!!


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