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Trainee Name : Ms Louisa Yuen
Business Fields : Company Secretary
PRIME tutors have expertise in teaching, knowing how to organise each lesson well with step-by-step instructions. All PRIME courses are actually very useful and pragmatic. Since PRIME tutors understand students’ needs very well, I have made great progress in English listening after taking the relative courses, which are so helpful for me at work.
Trainee Name : Mr Willie Yeung
Business Fields : Project Director
I did not know about IPA, so I needed to memorise the pronunciation. After learning IPA, I find it so easy to pronounce a word correctly. Also, PRIME tutors teach very vividly, helping me memorise all the IPA symbols with ease. It’s really terrific!
Trainee Name : Ms Rachel Mak
Business Fields : Clerk
I am so satisfied with PRIME’s teaching method, which helps me understand more when watching Pearl’s TV programmes. I used to attend English classes conducted by native speakers, but PRIME’s teaching is clearer, easier to understand and more effective.
Trainee Name : Mr Lung Choi
Business Fields : Clerk
I am very satisfied with PRIME’s tutors, its teaching materials, as well as all PRIME’s ways of learning English.
Trainee Name : Mr Nicolas Ma
Business Fields : Accounting
I did not know the right way of learning English, so no matter how hard I studied, I failed to make good improvement. Now, I know the RIGHT way – really organised and effective!
Trainee Name : Ms Bonnie Tang
Business Fields : Hotel
PRIME’s tutors are the best – really the best that I have never seen over the past thirty years!
Trainee Name : Ms Michelle Yeung
Business Fields : Insurance
In general, PRIME’s tutors teach very well and are well prepared, so each lesson is so instructive with relaxing atmosphere.
Trainee Name : Ms Hoody Lam
Business Fields : Marketing
PRIME’s tutors know how to teach vividly. Its courses are well designed to help students understand all the key points thoroughly without hassle. I am so keen to proceed to the “Practical English Grammar – Level Two”.
Trainee Name : Ms Kiko Cheong
Business Fields : Banking
I always thought English grammar was so boring in the past. But after being taught by PRIME’s tutors, English grammar has become very interesting to me. I am so impressed that PRIME’s tutors use lots of illustrations and examples to elaborate on each key topic, making all lectures so stimulating and impressive. I have made great progress with my English writing!
Trainee Name : Ms Agnes Wong
Business Fields : Secretary
Now I can pronounce a word by looking its IPA up in a dictionary. Besides, I have enhanced my proficiency in English listening. Also, I like the relaxing atmosphere in class – it is such good fun! Fabulous!


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