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Trainee Name : Ms Yanki Chan
Business Fields : Marketing
Before attending PRIME’s courses, I studied English at another well-known English learning institution. Yet they only provided computers and foreign teachers, so the result of my study was not satisfactory. Therefore, I decided to compare the teaching methods of different English learning institutions. After attending PRIME’s “Free Demonstration Lesson”, I realise that correct “skills” are essential. Taking only ten lectures of the IPA course, not only can I correct my mistakes in pronunciation, but also make apparent improvement in English listening.
Trainee Name : Mr Jim Kwok
Business Fields : Banking
PRIME’s newspaper ads drew my attention, and plus word-of-mouth appreciations from my friends, I gained confidence in PRIME. Therefore, I enrolled in all six modules of the “Certificate in Prime English Training Programme”. After attending the courses, I appreciate all tutors’ enthusiasm for teaching. Besides, PRIME’s teaching method is more interesting than the traditional ones. Everyday English is clearly introduced, which motivates students to learn proactively.
Trainee Name : Mr Felix Poon
Business Fields : Sales
PRIME’s unique teaching method allows me to effectively enhance concentration when speaking to foreigners. Now, I do not find listening as tough as before. Amazingly enough, PRIME helps me to gain self-confidence, so I am not afraid of speaking English now.
Trainee Name : Mr Keith Lui
Business Fields : Logistics
To me, PRIME’s courses are quite novel. I have never seen such innovative teaching method over the past twenty years as an English learner.
Trainee Name : Ms Connie Law
Business Fields : Banking
PRIME’s tutors teach so vividly. All teaching materials are well organised and easy to understand. I am particularly impressed with the “Email Writing”, which is so practical and helps me a great deal at work.
Trainee Name : Ms Fanny Lo
Business Fields : Insurance
My work requires a high level of writing skills. However, other English learning institutions that I attended only focused on “Tenses” but ignored the importance of fundamentals. Hence, I am so grateful to PRIME’s tutors for letting me understand the sentence structures. Besides, PRIME’s teaching method is so unique. The atmosphere of classes is so interesting too. I have never felt bored!
Trainee Name : Mr Oscar Hui
Business Fields : Banking
PRIME’s tutors are very outstanding and dedicated in teaching. After learning “IPA”, I realise that many people’s English pronunciations are not correct. Now I will never pronounce a word simply by referring to its spelling.
Trainee Name : Ms Angel Fong
Business Fields : Administration
I profoundly appreciate PRIME’s tutors. They are the most professional and dedicated teachers that I have ever seen. They can straight point out students’ problems and help me find out the shortcomings of my English listening, such as lacking relative skills, relying too much on subtitles, etc. What’s more, I have learned a lot from “Practical English Grammar”. Following tutors’ instructions, I can write more easily now. I am used to thinking in English when I write, avoiding the wrongdoing by thinking in Chinese first and then translating the ideas into English.

Trainee Name : Ms Agnes Ng
Business Fields : Accounting
PRIME’s tutors are so dedicated in teaching. Classes are relaxing and all the teaching materials are easy to understand and remember. I used to attend some PRIME Club’s courses like “Chinglish” and “American Slang” and found them very practical. It will be great if it is possible to offer more similar courses focusing on daily English.
Trainee Name : Ms Angie Ng
Business Fields : Hotel
PRIME’s tutors are so diligent and conscientious in teaching – excellent!


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