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Trainee Name : Mr Thomas Chiu
Business Fields : Recruitment Consultant
The study of "IPA" was supposed to be boring. However, my tutor at PRIME was able to make it interesting and vivid. With the use of a lot of examples in regard to everyday English, all students were inspired with interest. Besides, I have learnt some pragmatic skills of conversation, such as "Elision" and "Strong and Weak Forms", which are so useful for me to understand the utterances of native English speakers. I like PRIME's courses very much – they are related to our daily lives and are really practical!
Trainee Name : Ms Ice Chong
Business Fields :   Sales
I have learnt the pragmatic way of English pronunciation in merely ten lessons of "IPA" course. The mastery of IPA helps me improve my English pronunciation and spelling skill a great deal, which is really useful for me to build my vocabulary.
Trainee Name : Ms Pui Ha Lam
Business Fields : Trade Compliance
Every PRIME course has exceptional teaching method and very practical contents. Also, we, students, are so impressed that we have made steady progress in learning English.
Trainee Name : Ms Bobo Sum
Business Fields : Secretary
Because of my confidence in PRIME, I chose to study at PRIME but not other institutes. PRIME's tutors are very kind and eager to teach the students the effective way of English pronunciation. They inspire a new thought of English learning into us. I am so glad that I have improved my English pronunciation greatly.
Trainee Name : Ms Polly Tse
Business Fields : Trading
In the past, when I watched English TV programmes, I always failed to follow the dialogues of foreigners. They spoke too fast! Also, I had no idea what the so-called "colloquialism" meant. Certainly, I was not able to get the punch lines of the conversation too! Thanks to PRIME's English "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I don't need to rely on Chinese subtitles utterly now. I have made a great progress in English.
Trainee Name : Ms Kassy Ho
Business Fields : Interior Design
After studying at PRIME for only a few months, I have enhanced my proficiency in English listening. Well, time really flies unconsciously and I have almost finished the course. I do hope that I can spare more time to learn more practical skills at PRIME to improve my English.
Trainee Name : Ms Phyonna Ching
Business Fields : Accounting
PRIME's tutors rekindle my interest in learning English. Now, I can't wait to attend the next lesson!
Trainee Name : Ms Belinda Ho
Business Fields : Courier
Before enrolling in PRIME's courses, I had studied at some well-known English institutes. However, they all disappointed me because I was not able to learn pragmatic English. I paid but all my attempts were in vain. Comparatively, PRIME's courses are very practical. The "IPA" and "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses were so impressive to me. Thanks to PRIME tutors' enthusiastic teaching, I have learnt the ways to correct my Cantonese accent. For example, I have learnt how to pronounce the weak form / / (schwa) correctly. Consequently, I have improved my English pronunciation significantly.
Trainee Name : Ms May Lam
Business Fields : Trading
PRIME tutors' interactive teaching methods are full of fun, which can effectively draw the attention of every student at all times! Also, PRIME's courses are affordable because I have successfully applied for the "Continuing Education Fund" for my studies.
Trainee Name : Ms Juliana Wong
Business Fields : I.T.
A friend of mine introduced PRIME to me because she has successfully improved her English in all aspects after the completion of all six modules of PRIME's Certificate Course, including "IPA", "Listening and Speaking Skills"and "Practical English Grammar". I am grateful to her as she recommended Prime to me. I am so glad that I have got rid of my seemingly formidable problems in both spoken and written English. I have more confidence in speaking and writing English now.


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