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Trainee Name : Mr Dick Chan
Business Fields : Trading
I have improved my English comprehension a great deal after the completion of PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses. I was not able to fully understand the utterances of foreign speakers or the dialogues of a "Hollywood" movie. Now, I can catch the main ideas when I speak to a foreigner or go to the movies. I am glad that I have made progress in English language and can enjoy the fruits of my effort in learning.
Trainee Name : Ms Charlie Kwok
Business Fields :   Administration
PRIME's tutors have introduced us many effective methods of learning English, which are so pragmatic that I can actually practise my English writing and conversation after the class. With spontaneous studies, I have confidence in enhancing my proficiency of English that approaches the standard of a native speaker.
Trainee Name : Ms Jessie Tang
Business Fields : Fashion
After taking some courses at PRIME, I am so impressed that every tutor of mine is really professional and patient in teaching.
Trainee Name : Ms Nicole Lam
Business Fields : Property
I have made significant progress in listening, speaking, reading, and writing after studying at PRIME for almost a year. With a remarkable improvement in all English fundamentals, I can handle my jobs more easily now.
Trainee Name : Mr Keith Chung
Business Fields : Manufacturing
I genuinely admire the tutor of my "Practical English Grammar" course for his expertise in teaching. He cares and understands the needs of different types of students. He makes every endeavour to help every student to make progress in learning despite the fact that each student has different English level.
Trainee Name : Ms Maggie Lam
Business Fields : Insurance
Comparing with what I have learned over the past decade, I have definitely learned much more at PRIME for a short period of one year in regard to listening, speaking, and writing skills.
Trainee Name : Ms Floria Chung
Business Fields : Accounting
I am impressed that every PRIME's tutor has real enthusiasm for teaching. Also, I do appreciate the sincere attitude of every member of PRIME's staff, who not only offers professional and meticulous services to each student, but also pays close attention to our versatile needs. Therefore, I have a strong sense of geniality at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Ms Sharon Yeung
Business Fields : Trading
I came across PRIME at its website. Its statistics in relation to the achievement rate of English learning caught my attention. Further, I decided to enroll in PRIME's course after reading its students' testimonials. I can really say that PRIME's approaches to learning English are very vivid, interesting and effective. It is full of fun to learn English at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Mr Ken Lee
Business Fields : Engineer
I thought it was extremely difficult to master English language, especially in English Grammar. Hardly could I make good use "Gerunds", "Infinitives", "Participles", etc. Hence, I deemed that it was a waste to learn English. However, it is really impressive that PRIME's tutors not only understand our problems in learning, but also help us solve them effectively. I can use English pragmatically at work and in everyday life now. This gives me a great sense of achievement!
Trainee Name : Ms Miranda Ng
Business Fields : Training
Emphasizing the essence of natural sequence of learning English, each PRIME's course is systematically designed with care to arouse students' interest in learning. Now, I don't need to recite the dull teaching materials without understanding.


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