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Trainee Name : Ms Sue Lam
Business Fields : Fashion
I am elated that I have finally overcome my fear of learning English at PRIME. Also, I have learnt an extremely practical and effective method of learning, which has successfully bolstered my confidence in bettering the proficiency of English.
Trainee Name : Mr ST Wong
Business Fields :   Building Structure Consultant
I have learnt a lot of idiomatic British and American expressions from the course of "Listening and Speaking Skills (III)". Besides, I am indebted to PRIME tutor's meticulous teaching and elaboration in regard to the correct use of each idiom, which I find it difficult to learn from books or dictionaries.
Trainee Name : Ms Celia Tsang
Business Fields : Medical Service
I was wondering why my English pronunciation was very different from native English speakers'. Still, I did not know how to improve it. Thanks to PRIME, I have not only found out my weaknesses, but have also learnt an effective way of improving my English. I benefit tremendously at PRIME.
Trainee Name : Ms Vean Cheng
Business Fields : Trading
"IPA" has helped me to improve my English pronunciation considerably. Now, if I encounter a word that I cannot pronounce it correctly, I can consult the "IPA" for precise pronunciation. It's really terrific! Also, I can apply for "Continuing Education Fund" (CEF) at PRIME, which significantly lessens my financial burden.
Trainee Name : Ms Tracey Cheng
Business Fields : Securities
Each PRIME tutor has a flair for teaching and can lead the class with fun and relaxing atmosphere. Also, the teaching materials are very pragmatic, which improve my English a great deal at work and in social life.
Trainee Name : Ms Kitty Kam
Business Fields : Merchandising
It was extremely tough for me to learn English in secondary school. Those English courses were hard and complicated to me. However, PRIME's "Practical English Grammar" courses are very systematic and comprehensive. I feel that learning English is easy and simple now.
Trainee Name : Ms Alice Lun
Business Fields : Accounting
After having the comprehensive and well-rounded training from the "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have enriched my English vocabulary. Besides, I have learnt plenty of pragmatic "phrases", "slang", and "colloquial expressions" through watching DVDs and listening to PRIME tutors' scrupulous explanations. I am so glad that I have apparently enhanced my English proficiency. Also, I should praise my tutor of "Listening and Speaking Skills (III)", who is full of the sense of humour and can deliver a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to the class at all times. I have never got tired of attending each lesson even though I have to commute to PRIME after work.
Trainee Name : Ms Aubrey Ng
Business Fields : Trading
I am always happy to attend PRIME's courses, and the days at the course of "Listening and Speaking Skills (III)" are so likeable that they evoke a lot of beautiful memories of mine. The tutor is full of the sense of humour and so knowledgeable to teach us lots of everyday expressions. This course is really practical, and the class is riddled with fun! Time flies and it is a pity that I am going to finish the course soon. I am looking forward to having more opportunities to learn more practical English.
Trainee Name : Mr Peter Lok
Business Fields : Telecom
Although I had learnt "IPA" before and was able to pronounce English quite well, I always deem that I can do better. Occasionally, I learnt from the newspaper that PRIME conducted "IPA" courses, and thus immediately enrolled in it. Thanks to PRIME's effective teaching method, I have learnt much more and overcome some of my shortcomings in pronunciation.
Trainee Name : Mr SY Tang
Business Fields : IT
After having English training at PRIME, I am delighted that I have improved my English in all aspects without hassle. I like English now, and I am keen in learning more.


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