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Trainee Name : Ms Winnie Ng
Business Fields : Merchandising
I have realized that "IPA" is very useful for a long time, but it was a pity that teachers in schools did not teach it. At PRIME, I have finally got an opportunity to learn it in a professional way. I am now so delighted that I can pronounce every individual word accurately!
Trainee Name : Ms Vera Hung
Business Fields : Account & Finance
Unlike the disorganized teaching methods of English Grammar in primary and secondary schools, the course structure of PRIME's "Practical English Grammar" is so systematically designed that students can understand and remember the essence of Grammar easily. Now, when I read different kinds of articles, I can analyze the sentence structures without trouble. More importantly, I have enhanced my writing skills significantly, especially in writing emails and letters!
Trainee Name : Ms Peggy Ho
Business Fields : Merchandising
Thanks to PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses, I have learnt the correct use of everyday English. Also, I'm glad that I can learn a lot of idiomatic expressions from my native English tutors. In addition to "slang" and "phrasal verbs", I have enriched my knowledge in "colloquialism" and "intonation" a great deal.
Trainee Name : Ms Twinkie Shing
Business Fields : Manufacturing &
With clear elaboration, vivid examples, relaxing atmosphere, and hearty laughs, I can remember all I have learnt after every lesson. I am sincerely indebted to my tutor of "Practical English Grammar" course for the full devotion to teaching! Also, I am very happy that I can use what I have learnt at PRIME to teach my daughters and help them learn English effectively.
Trainee Name : Mr Johnny Seet
Business Fields : IT
In the past, I found English Grammar very unorganized and hard to learn. However, I am so impressed that PRIME's tutors are able to teach Grammar in a very organized and practical way. With clear elaboration and idiomatic examples, I have a good command of English Grammar now. This successfully helps me build confidence in writing and reading.
Trainee Name : Ms Peggy Tsang
Business Fields : Customer Service
I have been interested in "IPA". Therefore, when I learnt from newspaper that PRIME would conduct a "Free Demonstration Lesson" on "IPA", I enrolled immediately. I was deeply impressed by the tutor's enthusiasm for teaching, and thus decided to learn "IPA". Now, I have completed a number of courses on "IPA", "Listening and Speaking Skills", as well as "Practical English Grammar". I can really say that every PRIME's tutor is professional and fully dedicated to teaching. Also, all the teaching materials are well written with pragmatic examples.
Trainee Name : Ms Jenny Lin
Business Fields : Banking
PRIME's "Practical English Grammar" course is very useful to improve my business writing skills at work. I am able to write business documents and emails with ease now. Also, PRIME's "Listening and Speaking Skills" courses are really effective and pragmatic. I realize that I have obviously improved my oral English, especially when I speak to foreign friends. Moreover, I can understand English much better when I watch Pearl's programmes or Hollywood movies. In short, I do appreciate PRIME's unique, relaxing and interesting teaching method. All the skills I have learnt are highly pragmatic!
Trainee Name : Mr Chris Lee
Business Fields : Accounting
The tutor of my "Practical English Grammar" course used a lot of numeral and visual aids to help the students memorize and understand some complicated concepts. I like this kind of learning method very much, because it is very systematic and effective.

Trainee Name : Mr Tony Mak
Business Fields : Accounting
Although I had learnt English for years, I found English Grammar confusing and hard to master. Thanks to PRIME's "Practical English Grammar" course, I am able to enhance my English in a systematical way – starting from learning the four basic types of English Sentence Structure. I am so glad I not only write better, but also read faster now. In the past, I was so confused with "phrases", "clauses", "finite verbs" and "non-finite verbs". Now, I can write and read without hassle. I have definitely enhanced my English standard a great deal.
Trainee Name : Mr Raymond Wong
Business Fields : IT
PRIME's tutors are able to teach vividly, avoiding the tedious conventional methods. This helps me improve my English efficiently.


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