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The Importance of "Methodology"

In compliance with our motto: "The best way to learn is to learn from the best™", Prime English, with the strong belief that we should unveil a groundbreaking learning approach, pioneers a new ground in adopting a pragmatic and unconventional teaching approach that enables us to distinguish ourselves from the majority of language institutes. To experience the "Revolutionary Approach" in Prime English, you are welcome to enroll in the "Free Demonstration Class" to experience how to effectively improve your English proficiency in only a few months' time.

Learning Objectives: "Result-oriented Approach"

A large number of working adults in Hong Kong have troubles in using English at work or in socializing with foreigners. They would like to master English but they don't know the right way to do it. As a result, they are not confident enough to conduct daily business communication; worst yet, their brains freeze and their tongues tie when foreigners approach them. Many people have been making much ado about nothing by simply doing the tedious and boring fill-in-the-blank worksheets and exercises. However, it is so discouraging that they don't really understand what they have learnt, and never see how English can be applied in life.

The learning experience is entirely different at Prime English. Practicality is our top priority, because we fully understand our trainees' needs and requirements, and realize time is precious for them. We aim at achieving the best result within the SHORTEST period of time. We are proud to present our figures (refer to Top 100 Statistical Results of Listening Improvement), which show our trainees' listening capability being upgraded by a remarkable 540% in merely 3 months.

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Top Ten Reasons you can Benefit from PRIME METHOD™
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Top 100 Statistical Results from Listening Improvement


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