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We follow the instinctive way to learn English just as you used to learn your mother tongue, by adopting a natural, non-coercive, habitual sequence to achieve the best results (i.e. Pronunciation Listening Speaking Reading Writing).

Many Hong Kong people follow an incorrect path; starting with reading, writing, speaking and ending with listening! Listening should always come FIRST!

We believe the most effective (right) way to better English is hinged on continuous improvement and consistent review and research. We maintain the best practices in teaching and learning English through reviewing the performance of each class and researching quantitative and qualitative methods to improve the learning effectiveness. We also believe, with review and research, students can reap the benefits and achieve their goals much faster.

Interest drives motivation. Without interest, learning is extremely hard, especially learning a language that is traditionally regarded as boring! To drive the motivation of learners, we use real-life, practical and interesting materials rather than ordinary text-based materials that are just artificially made. In addition to materials, we have stringent requirements for our tutors to ensure that they are qualified in the subjects and have superb presentation skills. Our tutors are not merely "teachers", but "skilled actors", using a "tell-and-sell approach' to help our trainees absorb knowledge easily.

Setting and striving for clear targets is key to successful learning. We care about the progress of every student. We keep track of every student's progress in their listening and speaking practice and share with them the best approach and results.

The right environment can cultivate plants to bear good fruits just as PRIME provides the proper environment to help students effectively improve their English. With the PRIME METHOD™ (the right way), SETTING (practical and challenging materials), DELIVERY (quality tutors) and MONITORING (progress tracking), we have the best environment and atmosphere for students to learn and improve!



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