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91% of Prime English students improve their proficiency in English by an average of 30% after taking our English language courses.


The PRIME METHOD™ of teaching makes sense. We incorporate the innate, natural sequence of learning we used as children to learn our mother tongue, into all our language programs. First, our trainees will learn correct pronunciation and listening, followed by speaking, reading and writing skills. With the application of PRIME METHOD™, they can master English in 1 year, instead of 10!


We are dedicated to helping working adults to learn correct pronunciation and reduce pronunciation errors by using the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). Eventually, our trainees, after mastering IPA, can significantly improve their English pronunciation for good!


Prime English is RESULTS-ORIENTED. We offer our trainees quantitative and measurable results (within 3 months) so that they can see their remarkable progress in a short course of time!

Prime English offers trainees up-front placement and on-going progress tests and assessments, so that they can experience the improvement, not just receive a certificate for good attendance!
Our programs are custom-designed to match the needs of working adults, and to ensure that each program has the best possible impact on our trainees, we are committed to providing you with a flexible structure and schedule that best suit your needs.
We design our courses to be interesting, relevant, practical and FUN. Daily-life examples are incorporated into the learning-process, e.g. T.V Programs, BBC News Report, movies, business correspondences, S.C.M.P, best-selling business-related readings etc. We want to motivate YOU to APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN!
Prime offers you a "Free Demonstration Lesson" so that you can have the first-hand experience about the success of revolutionary PRIME METHOD™!
All the current tutors were selected out of 200 to ensure that they are truly professional and qualified trainers. Besides having many years of experience teaching English, they also possess solid working experience in multinational companies.
  And finally…
Why be traditional, when you can be revolutionary? Optimize your training dollars and choose the PRIME METHOD™!




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