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We believe close collaboration between trainers and learners can inspire learning and make encouraging results. Trainers serve as the role of a beacon, showing trainees the right direction to succeed. Therefore, coupled with our innovative teaching approach, Prime English has established and enhanced its excellent reputation by employing skilled trainers with remarkable qualifications, experience, sensitivity, and dedication to learners' needs. All our trainers are carefully chosen to meet our rigid standards by having the following qualities:
Stringent Selection Process
  All our trainers have passed our in-house recruitment tests with excellent results. Basically, 3 or 4 tutors are selected out of 200 candidates! The selection process is based on the following two criteria:
  - All the trainers should graduate from the English-related domains: Linguistics, Translation & Interpretation, and English Language;
- They must possess solid business background in communications, marketing, and management, etc. so as to conduct courses by using everyday Business English.
  - All the trainers must possess strong interest-arousing skills and attention-taking techniques, and are able to stimulate our trainees by adopting the PRIME METHOD™.
On-going Enhancement
  To maintain our high teaching quality, the performances of our trainers are closely monitored through the following means:
Class visits;
Tutor meetings;
Expertise-sharing sessions;
Student Evaluation & Feedback, etc.
  We acknowledge students' feedback is an essential part of our teaching-learning process; therefore, we will present a consolidated report with students' comments to tutors at the end of EACH course. The reflection and aspiration it brings out will eventually benefit our students as they progress.


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