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Grammar is an indispensable element of English language. The importance of grammar lies in the fact that it enables us to communicate in an appropriate and understandable way. When being asked what grammar is, at first instance people's answer would be 'tenses' or 'dead boring stuffs'. Many people spent 10 odd years memorizing grammatical formulas like 'present continuous tense = verb + ing form' or 'go-went-gone', but unforgivable mistakes like 'there have many staffs in my company' still crop up every now and then.

The truth is, the traditional way of learning grammar has put many people off from exploring English. It is a recognized fact that language learners are heavily influenced by their own mother tongue. Sentences like 'please borrow me your pen', 'please raise up your hand'' or 'Hong Kong has seven millions people' are classic evidence of people being confused by Chinese and English grammar.

As an innovative language centre, Prime English strives to spark off breakthroughs. Why don't we help our trainees establish an unshakable English Grammar foundation knowledge? Being interested is the best way to understand grammar. Let us lead you out of the stagnant frame and show you a whole new world of English grammar.

Course Objectives
Strengthen trainees' writing proficiency;
Consolidate knowledge on practical sentence structures;
Reinforce essential grammar concepts like fixing the root of a tree;
Unveil the world of English grammar and enable trainees to have an all-rounded view of it;
Rejuvenate trainees' confidence and fluency in writing as a process of communication;
Give trainees' writings a face-lift by training them to mix-and-match all the writing
techniques and produce professional writings for all sorts of scenarios.

Course Contents
<Practical English Grammar - Level One>
Kick-off by identifying the most effective and practical way to excel in English usage;
Enhance trainees' knowledge on essential English grammar concepts (e.g. FINITE VERB vs. NON-FINITE VERB);
Introduce the main SENTENCE PATTERNS;
Distinguish and master the practical use of CLAUSE and PHRASE;
Detect common 'CHINGLISH' writing errors and learn how to eliminate them.
<Practical English Grammar - Level Two>
Further explore the world of PHRASE, which can be used to replace monotonous 'Chinese stereotype sentence pattern';
Learn how to achieve the SENTENCE VARIETY;
Master different WRITING TECHNIQUES;
Avoid common "CHINGLISH" errors;
Strengthen the trainees' sense of SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION.

Grammar is the foundation of all languages, and English is no exception. The world has evolved; likewise, the world of grammar is no more a dull destination to explore. Stop being haunted by the idea that English grammar is forever boring. It is time to experience a mentality shake up and embrace the new approach to learning 'Practical English Grammar'.

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